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Serious talk: Should Wargaming make fictional warships?

Content of the article: "Serious talk: Should Wargaming make fictional warships?"

So, I know this probably hits some people on the wrong 'side,' so to speak, of their perspective for historic games. But honestly, we all know that there were only so many things made during the WW1-WW2, into the post-war era. World of Tanks sort of hit that point when only a bunch of Russian tanks and such were released, and I'm sure World of Warships has already run into this problem in some regard.

So, I come to the community then, with, what I think, is a pretty important question. Now, I'm not super experienced with WoWS like some of you out there. A recurring enthusiast, so to speak, because I absolutely adore warships. And love playing them. And think that they're cool, powerful, and impactful. Each warships has impact, and speaks its own language, its very form is a representation of 'you should not mess with me' and it's why I've loved warships for so long.

Now, the tangent aside, if we return to the point of whether Wargaming should be given the liberty to construct their own warships or not, they'd obviously have to do some worldbuilding too I suppose, but that's in the backthought for now.

Should they or should they not?

I personally think they should. Think about it, they're designing their own ships, they've designed so many already. They're no strangers to its functions, and since WoWS is a game, they know how to balance it in more reasonable manners. And I personally, well, have absolutely no qualms with there being more awesome warships, awe inspiring in beauty, deadly in power. Benefitting of some things, whilst having others as drawbacks.

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The artists no doubtedly'd do such a great job on it to.

So, what do you say?

Wormhole into alternative reality 2 where WW2 never ended?


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