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Ship review: okhotnik

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Okhotnik (will now just be oko to save my fingers) is my first premium ship and one I've had the longest, so in celebration of my cake day I'll be reviewing her for you!


Oko is a destroyer, but a very sturdy one at that. Most other ships at T5 have about 10K HP, but oko has 12K, giving her an extra edge in DD gunfights, but her thin armour and long size make her an easy target for cruisers

score: 9/10


While fast, oko has a massive backside, so tight turns are impossible. If a gunfight gets too close, she may struggle because of her large turning circle.

score: 4/10

main battery

Obviously oko has a lot of guns, and coupled with her inspiration that gives her +2% damage and +7% fire chance, starting fires is incredibly easy. Against DDs though I'd still suggest her AP, since you only need 3-4 shots to kill one. Now on to the bad news. Oko has insanely slow traverse speed. On console and PC, this isnt an issue since her animations allow her to get 360° traverse on the rear hint hint WG . To add to this, her guns are fairly easy to knock out, her reloads are long and her individual shell damage is actually pretty low, but they're honestly pretty minor points and her DPS more than makes up for it.

score: 9/10


12 torpedos. At T5. Sure, why not. These have the potential to do over 24K damage, dealing crippling damage, one-shotting anything under BB and OSing a BB that has lost about a quarter of its HP. If you're low on health, my advice is to kamikaze the nearest BB, watching as they desperately try to avoid your barrage. The downside of these torps is their low damage and range, but this can be boosted with the historic camo to almost fit inside your concealment.

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score: 6/10

Anti-aircraft armament

It's a DD, it has no large AA and the small AA is pathetic. I'm not actually sure if it's possible to shoot down a plane alone. In addition, your large size and low manuverability makes you a prime target for CVs.

score: 1/10


Oko has pretty bad base concealment for a DD. You'll still barely outspot most cruisers and all BBs, but you'll often get spotted by DDs before you can spot them.

score: 4/10


Okohotnik has 3× engine boost 1, which is pretty decent for T5. You're not making it to the objective before most other DDs, but its still a nice bonus to have.

Also, why did oko not get her PC smoke screen? I'm legitimately curious.

score: 3/10


Okhotnik is a gunboat that tears through DDs like paper, and this will be her primary role: contesting a cap through raw firepower. My recommendation is using AP on thinly armoured cruisers and DDs, then switching to HE for BBs and tougher targets. An okos wet dream is turning the corner to see a BB sitting there,with no clue what's about to happen to him. Keep in mind though that suicide torping will garuntee your death, so make sure you've done all you can, pop the speed boost you held in reserve and go down in a blaze of glory.

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Oko isnt that difficult to play, you just pick your target and launch shells until it's dead, then rinse and repeat. The hard part is knowing when to cut you're about to die under focus fire and calculating if you can make it to a torpedo target before you die or if you're better off waiting and trying later after hiding for a bit. Note that hiding never pulls aggro away from you, but it is an excellent way to get 1-2 opponents killed by pulling them out of position

score: 3/10

Overall score: 8/10


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