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Ship review: Yukikaze

Yukikaze is a Kagero class destroyer that is worse than her sister in some aspects in exchange for Sonar and Fuel Smoke. Although they may look similar, the difference is significant enough to make it feel that they are different.


  • Amazing concealment, lowest in the game with full build.

  • Has hard hitting 610mm torpedoes with long range, just like other IJN destroyers.

  • Fuel Smoke II at tier VIII, which no other ship at this tier has access to

  • Has access to Sonar

  • Has access to Fuel Smoke II, stronger than even Daring’s fuel smoke I at tier X

  • Guns hit decently hard with HE shells

  • Good maneuverability


  • Average speed for a Tier VIII destroyer, with a top speed of merely 34 Knots, meaning she is slower than even some cruisers at this tier, although this is somewhat compensated for by the engine accelerator skills.

  • Worse torpedo performance than her tech tree sister Kagero, having a longer reload with lower damage.

  • Guns have a low rate of fire and slow turret traverse

  • Poor AA values, although most other destroyers also shares this trait.

  • Only obtainable through crates and bundles that is not always available for purchase


  • Skill floor: Simple

  • Skill ceiling: Moderate

  • She can be played just like any other Japanese torpedo boat destroyer, however she performs worse in this role as her torpedo stats are weaker than her tech tree sister, the Kagero. It will however be somewhat easier to do so with the extremely good concealment, making it a ship that could work in the hands of a casual player.

  • Her skills (Fuel Smoke III, Engine Accelerator I, and Sonar I) is unique among Japanese destroyers, with no other Japanese destroyer having Fuel Smoke. This makes her potent in rushing the enemy as well, although you have to be careful as some ships have sonar or/and Radar (ie German BBs, US CLs) which can render your smoke useless and become easy prey at close range.

  • if used correctly her skills can be deadly. Her fuel smoke allows her to rush enemies undetected at her top speed, which can be increased even more with her Engine Accelerator skill. Her sonar makes rushing ships that carry torpedoes safer too, as you can detect them earlier making it easier to dodge. Particularly useful in rushing Cruisers. This can make counter-play against a rushing Yukikaze in a ship without sonar or radar extremely difficult, if not impossible.

How to play this ship:

  • Against Battleships, your torpedo alpha is not enough to one shot them. I usually launch one salvo torpedoes before getting detected, wait for the reload to come down a little, and if the BBs hitpoints is low enough, I will rush

  • Against Heavy cruisers, you still do not have enough alpha to one shot some of them. If they are slightly damaged however you definitely can torpedo them, if otherwise, it probably isn’t worth using torpedoes on them when you have BBs or CLs to torpedo, as you can neither cause enough damage to destroy them like most light cruisers, nor farm damage from them using floods like you can on BBs due to their relative low hit points pool.

  • Against light cruisers, it is not a great idea to rush most, as they either have Sonar or Radar, and they absolutely will melt you quickly.

  • Against destroyers, you most definately will not win in a gunfight against most other destroyers, and thus engaging them is not recommended. Rushing them with torpedoes and fuel smoke can work occasionally, but is not worth going after them as you waste a fuel smoke rushing a DD which you can only get 10k+ damage out of, while you can actually use it against other targets like a BB instead, which allows you to cause more damage.

Things to be aware of:

  • Never rush a ship that has sonar or radar, or a ship that has a ship with these skills near it. If you get detected while rushing you most likely will not get away alive.

  • Keep your eyes open to see what ships have used their damage controls to farm flooding damage.

  • Stay away from CLs.

  • You don’t have to rush, you have IJN torpedoes, although they are slightly weaker.

  • Use your guns if the situation allows it.

  • Capture target areas.

Conclusion: This is a Kagero that trades some torpedo stats for amazing concealment and a very strong smoke. This allows her to stand out from other IJN DDs for her ability to rush ships, while others mostly do long range torping. She is unique among Japanese DDs, and a fun ship to play, though not a competitive or very powerful one.

Did this review because I could not find a detailed one for her. Hope this helps, and have a good one.


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