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Ship Suggestion

With the Pan-European line a thing, and more lines surely coming right? I thought I’d propose a ship I Think perfectly fits the mantra of the line.

Pride of her Navy and the most powerful Axis vessel out to sea(the Black Sea). I present to you, the Regele Ferdinand

Displacement: 18,500 tons, which gives it about 11,500 hp, on par with the Farragut

Top speed: 38 knots, quite nice but gives it an above average turn circle, (good old Shakespeare class)

Armor: does it really even matter?


-5 x 120mm guns (main battery)

-3 x 2, 21 inch (torpedoes)

-4 x 76mm guns (aa)

-2 x 40mm aa guns

-2 x 13 mm Mg

-option to replace one 120 mm (E mount) with an 88mm flak gun

With hitpoints on par with the Farragut, I’d put this ship at T6, with nail driving rapid reload rifles and very limited, but very fast torpedoes. Given The ship’s large amount of high caliber AA armament, and the option to add a superb 88mm flak, I Think it would be easy to give this thing a long range, effective, but not op AA rating, which might be enough at T6 to convince planes to go elsewhere.

I’d give it your standard engine boost and the repair party, in fitting with the line and also in honor of her crews efforts after attacks off Sevastopol, which could also tie into her high AA rating.

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Let me know what you’d think of this ship maybe splitting into the Dutch DD line to give it some mid tier juice, whilst also adding another nation (Romania) to this pan-Europe line.


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