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Some Anti-Aircraft and Carrier Gameplay Observations

If you’ve read some of my posts you know I’ve been working on AAA build strategies. I spent a good while playing today and here are some observations. All of these are WITHOUT DFAA.

1)Played the T6 Atlanta/Flint with around 90 AAA rating, not quite a full house AAA build. Down-tiered into a T5 game, that AAA level was rather effective and so far as I could tell it was able to stop or discourage attacks somewhat reliably. That indicates that the California max AAA build (somewhere over 100 rating) should be pretty effective. I tried the California a couple of times but no planes came near me.

2)Played the T5 Dallas/Pensacola with about 75 AAA rating – close to a full-house build, just one inspiration instead of two. All other AAA perks taken except DFAA. Against T5 planes the effectiveness was marginal at best. It could not prevent a full squadron from making a full drop, though the planes would not survive it. This indicates that AAA ratings in the 40s-50s will be very vulnerable to airstrikes, and a single squadron can make more than one attack.

3)Played the Atlanta/Flint (around 90 AAA rating) uptiered into T7 games against the Lexington. That level of AAA was essentially ineffective at T7, with the same squadron being able to make at least two, maybe three attacks. This should be pretty disconcerting, as that’s a better rating than all but the top USN T7/legendary ships. All T6 and many T7 ships are going to be vulnerable to multiple airstrikes no matter what they do with AAA builds. (Also saw Xarkun playing our Lexington in one game. He got killed halfway through the game, not sure how.)

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4)Haven’t tried a T7 AAA build yet. Maybe this weekend.

5)I haven’t yet tried DFAA as my goal was to determine how effective AAA could be without it. I believe I’ve answered that question. WG’s intent appears to be to force cruisers into taking DFAA to be effective against airstrikes, and thus choose between being vulnerable to carriers or vulnerable to DDs. This is a mistake, and WG needs to immediately reconsider this. DFAA SHOULD NOT BE A TRADEOFF AGAINST SONAR. It should not be a tradeoff against anything unless a cruiser is out of the four button positions, and if so it needs to be player’s choice what the tradeoff is.

6)A meta seems to be developing already. The people who thought that carriers weren’t strong or wouldn’t affect the game were mistaken. I typically play a concealment cruiser, and in every game there were carriers, if I challenged the cap, I spent the entire time spotted unless I was actually in smoke. Reaching cover at or in the cap didn’t matter since the backliners could almost always lob shells in, and if they couldn’t, airstrikes forced me out of cover. In one game I had to give up a strong position and my only option was to suicide-torp a Siegfried. Another I had to spend my short life bobbing and weaving to avoid repeated airstrikes by the same squadron until detonated by a back-liner. Carrier spotting is changing the game already, which shouldn’t be surprising, and from now on the outcome of games is going to be largely determined by the skill of the carrier player. This is probably going to drive cruisers into kiting and drive them away from making plays around the objective. I’ll continue to give it a chance the rest of this month, but I’ve got one foot out the door as of now.

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