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State of the Game

Hi there, I'm a very average player (49% win rate) and I would like to give my opinion about the current state of the game, regarding the topics of ship grinding, matchmaking, and ship unbalance.

I will use some numbers that are approximations so feel free to suggest corrections.

The Grinding

There are some high profile players that state that it is very very easy to grind a tier X ship, but they did that using a 300+ days premium account, 200+ flags of every type, 200 000 000+ credits, hundreds of thousands of doubloons, and most perfect games. Roll the numbers: 360 days premium -> $50 200,000,000 credits and 120,000 doubloons -> $66×8=$528 "Admiral chests"

So those are $600 to get almost the same resources that the high profile players. I can buy ten expensives AAA games with that.

My reality:

For a tier X battleship approximately 250,000 exp, gaining an average (winind an losing) of 1000 random battle experience is 250 battles to get from IX to X. If the average battle is 15 min, then 250×15=3750 min, that is 62 hours lets kept it in 60. I can only play like 6 hours a week so 60/6=10 weeks or two and a half month from IX to X. So, unless you throw a lot of money to the game and spend your entire free time in it, it will take a few of months to gring from tier I to X.

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What i think that is broken is the tier I to X experience curve. You can easily reach tier IV in one day that is almost the half of the tiers in only a few hours of play, but then it will take months to reach X and that is just broken. Why not extend the time spend between I and V and shorten a little the one betheen the V and X?


I agree with the high level players that say that there are a lot of "potatos" in high tiers, but the solution is not to make the grind harder, is to make a ranking system, like for example in dota 2. In that game you need to spend 100 hours of game before be able to play ranked matches, and when playing ranked you are only matched against more or less your same rank, the system is not perfect but it works, all dota players that reach rank "Immortal" (the last one) are good players. Here in World of Warships you can make that from tier VIII to X you can play in ranked or unranked, in ranked you always are going to be matched agains the ones in your rank.

Ship unbalance.

Carriers ruins the game balance. I enjoy to play CVs but is the single most unbalance thing in the game, if your CV player is good and always goes relentlessly agains the enemies DDs, the enemy team is screwed, and your team needs to potato big time to lose. AA needs a buft to a point when is imposible to make 3 runs agains two ships that are close together. The rate of planes replenishment needs to be nerfed, the magic wander factory of planes is bonkers, you can lose your rockets, then your bombers and your torps, and by when your last torp squadron is killed your rocket planes squadrons are full again.

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Again this is my opinion from my experience with the game.


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