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Stellar Clash pricing is Too Much

Here is my constructive criticism on this event.

As I understood correctly it is over the top. I have read the official patch notes,made some calculations and read feedback from other players.

While I was excited about the event at first,it was slowly coming to me that it will be a BIG GRIND, while I do not hate the grind as long as the mode is interesting for the grind time, I do hate the pricing that will be in the store.

The ship's price tag is 12500 space-grinds coins(iirc). Meanwhile the commanders are HALF of the price of that ship. That is way too much knowing that you cannot get enough coins for ship alone.(Imagine if Lenin came with commanders in Winter event for icecoins.)

Now I know a lot of people are interested in getting the ship, me on the other hand is a just OK dd player and I am more interested in skins that will be available as well as german commander in particular. I will struggle to get two commanders on its own, but what if I wanted the ship as well ? Well no way…

I understand all the jazz about pay walls and grind, and monetizing the content but this is seriously going off the track.

In a conclusion I would like to say that nevertheless I will be playing and grinding this event,just to some extend(commanders). While I usually do not enjoy reading hateful,toxic comments I believe that players are right and I am with you on this page with it being too much of a price issue. I truly believe we could have gotten a chance to earn some currency from Ranked modes as well or at least have commander go for lower price than what they will be. Most likely will go around the ship and focus on other items in the store. I believe the key for balancing would be reducing price to all items in the store to the point where $5-10 would be enough, on the top of all the grind, to get MOST of things in the shop. People wouldn't be spending lots of money to finish the grind successfully in this way you would be still making money,players would see an improvement over the previous iterations of events and restore some sanity back. As of right now I see it as a child of RNB and Lenin campaign.

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What are your thoughts on this,Legends ?

PS: Rust n Rumble should have never come back…


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