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The best ship for each tier

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I've been thinking about this for a while now, but what do you think the best ship is for its tier for each tier. Not just Tech tree ships either, Premiums, freemiums, Event ships (as in ARP/AL, not halloween) etc.

Here's my list and why (No CVs since it would make every other tier boring and just )

Starting from t2(3) cus idk about 1 tbh

Tier 2: Meme boat Derzki because 20 reload on torpedoes is both hilarious and effective at t2

Edit: apparently I forgot derpski is t3. I don’t think it is as good as Bogatyr so ill say it’s an HM as for tier 2 probably Charleston cus it’s a t2 St. Louis

Tier 3: only 2 real contenders here I think, between the Bogatyr and the St Louis. I think alot of people would say St louis from face value, from the superior gun power, HP pool and armour, it seems like the bogatyr trades alot of benefits in comparison to SL in exchange for a few knts of top speed. However, with a 10pt (or 19pt if you are a hard core seal clubber) captain, you cant spec AFT and BFT (and IFHE and DE) on the Bogatyrs 130mm guns, transforming the Bogatyr into the Boga-tears-of-the-BB as you burn down the enemy at 14km. and for that reason Bogatyr is my t3 pick

Tier 4: Clubson were you really expecting anything else? this ship is so superior to any competition it hurts. Maybe the Imperator Nikolai I comes pretty close, but you cant yolo torp in a Nikolai.

Tier 5: Not a lot of competition here to be honest, maybe the Pyotr and I've heard some good things about the Italian Giulio Cesare, but I think most people will be pretty unsurprised to find the Kamikaze and Kamikaze R here. Torpedo spam galore with these two loli-botes and with 68knt triple launchers at t5 against dreadnought class BBs, you are set for easy High Calibres and Dev Strikes

Tier 6: Things get pretty quiet as we leave the sealclubber territory, I cant particularly see any ship that jumps out at me. There are certainly some strong ships at this tier, Warspite, Izmail, Budyonny and Bayern stand out, but aside from these ships I cant seem to pinpoint one particular ship which screams: I am the Best. For now I'll leave it at the Izmail, and resolve to edit this once someone reminds me how dumb I am for forgetting X ship which slaps at t6. Izmail is a strong ship, with excellent broadside firepower and compensates for its terrible turret set up with excellent survivability and alpha strike as well as its gimmick Soviet DCP.

Tier 7: we are once again greeted with a flurry of excellent ships competing for dominance at the tier 7 bracket, with excellent offerings from several nations. From the British arsenal we are given the holy trinity of selections from all three surface ship classes, with the King George V, boasting deadly accurate guns with excellent HE, the Fiji, which is a breath of fresh air after grinding the honestly mediocre CL offering so far, and the destroyer duelling, cap contesting machine that is the Jervis. The Russians bring to the table the Sinop, which is tankyness on a new level with its excellent turret set up and effective armour. The USN offers her finest CL, and once favourite contender for best ship, the Smoke Criminal, USS Flint. But it is back to the British for our winner here at tier 7, and the monstrosity which is the HMS Belfast with its utility overload, hydro, radar, smoke and the ability to use HE, making this ship a threat to anything that it can get within gun range of.

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Tier 8: tier 8 is probably the most contested tier with power house ships at every corner. USS Baltimore and USS Cleveland are possibly the two best tech tree ships at this tier boasting the most powerful AA suite at tier 8 on the Cleveland, and the incredible American super heavy AP on the Baltimore, closely matched by their Russian counterparts, Tallinn and Chapayev, who both trade some DPM and for Russian laser guns and stealth radar. The Massachusetts also makes a bid for the top spot, having introduced the game to the US fast heal and incredibly accurate secondaries. The Kiegsmarine makes its first appearance on this list with the 1v1 king, Tirpitz, though the Mainz does deserve an honourable mention. It was very hard to make a call for tier 8, but I had to give it to the old reliable, Kutuzov. One of the first smoke Cruisers in the game, the Kutuzov has a Russian anaemic smoke screen, but compensates with 12 152mm laser guns and 18km of firing range, allowing the Kutuzov to make French BB mains regret their life choices from maximum range. Add to this 10 8km torpedoes which, are better than the torpedoes on the Kiev, a respectable HP pool and workable armour, and the Kutuzov can yolo with the best of them.

Tier 9: a lot of competitive ships here, but the best ships are pretty obvious in my opinion, and it really comes down to 3 ships: Kitakaze, Alaska and Georgia. Kitakaze is pretty obvious, even from the first glance the stats on this ship are ludicrous: Top tier concealment, strong consumable line up, strong torpedo armament, but what really matters is the gun power. Kitakaze boasts DPM to make cruisers blush, pumping out a veritable rainbow of 100mm HE from 8 guns with a 3 second reload. Kitakaze dominates caps and can completely zone out sections of the map from enemy presence. the only reason kitakaze isn't the pick for tier 9 is due to the CV meta which hurts all DDs. Georgia is possibly the best BB at t9. Squishy armour compensates for an arsenal of tool which allows competent captains to dominate the battlefield with this ship. USN fast acting heals, French speed boost, excellent secondaries, spotter planes to dev strike any pesky Smolensks around the place, and of course the bread and butter of the Georgia, 6 457mm guns mounted in 3 turrets with excellent accuracy and devastating damage at 15750 AP damage. Some honourable mentions are Jean Bart, a simple ship with excellent turret set up allows for fool proof gameplay, generally an all round excellent ships and one of the most enjoyable ships to grind credits in at tier 9. Kronshtadt is a Soviet behemoth of a CA which is held back by its terrible dispersion, mediocre armour and terrible AA, the citadel seems particularly vulnerable despite it being waterline, largely due to the sheer size of it despite its low waterline nature. All USN t9 Premiums, Missouri for its radar utility and credit earnings, the rest of the USN t9 premiums range from great to blatantly OP, such as the Black and the Benham. And now that I've listed literally every American Premium ship in tier 9, you've probably guessed that the Alaska is the best ship at tier 9. this ship is obscene. If this was Russian, the playerbase would be threatening lawsuits over its ridiculousness. this ship would probably be strong at t10, but this is a ship that gets to face of against the like of New Orleans and Lyon. You are one of the healthiest CAs in the game at 60k HP, meaning you easily out HP a good chunk of the BBs you face, while maintaining the manoeuvrability and stealth of a CA. the Alaska has decent armour, with 27mm nose plates and 36mm deck protecting a practically underwater citadel. combined with a strong USN radar and fast firing 305mm guns, Alaska can bully her way though t9 with little to no resistance, deleting Cruisers and battleships alike.

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Edit: I didn’t add musashi, I will put it was a strong contender, but still rated below Alaska. My reasoning is that for a BB, musashi has an awful aa suite and large citadel. This combined with poor manoeuvreability and bad concealment make it free citadels for German CVs. Plus the inconsistency in gunpower is infuriating due to the lack of Yamato legendary upgrade. Overall I’ll rate it as a top tier pick. Possibly the number one in games where no CV is present. If a one CV or 2 non KM CVs are present it is still u there with Georgia and Kita, but if there is a KM CV or god forbid 2 KM CVs you can basically kiss your ass good bye as the Germans salivate and circle over head lining up AP dive bombers headed straight for your fat Japanese citadel. They won’t show what KMCVs do to the musashi without heavy pixelisation in Japan and graphic sexual content warnings.

Tier 10: Its tier 10 folks! Blah Slava blah blah Kremlin blah blah Petro blah blah-whatever. You know it, I know it, Its the Thunderer. Nothing even scratches the paint on the Thunderer. There's a reason Britannia Rules the waves you know, and its this stupidly broken piece of shit. yes, she is slow, yes she is squishy, yes her armour is 32mm, but who cares, in a pinch she can bow tank, and the rest of the time, she can play back line dev striker with her cruiser accuracy and 8 457mm guns. She has 26 second reloads, strong heals, decent stealth, excellent range. she is everything the Slava whishes' she could be, laughing in the face of foolish angling cruisers, and burning down any pesky BBs who come within spitting range, which, in the Thunderer, is about 24 km. are there other strong ships at t10? Yes. Anything that can hold a candle to Thunderers Big British Bullshit? nope. not even close. Battleship on the otherside of the map showing a little too much skirt? 45k damage triple Citadel. GK angling? quad permafires and 15k damage to ease him along. at the end of the day, Smolensk, Kremlin, Petropavlovsk, they are all but road bumps on the road the crowning of the Royal Navy as the one true fleet. Thunderer shrugs off your Soviet Bias like salty tears off of its 18inch guns, and it paves the way to Final Victory with the burning husks of your prize tier 10 ships.

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This was a lot of fun to write, what do you think? did I miss any? any more honourable mentions?


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