World of Warships

The game needs a shake up.

I posted this on FB and got a great response. Thought I’ll share it here as well.

I’ve been playing the game a long time and have a lot of experience and this is my take on everything that needs the most attention. The game needs a massive shake up in its current format. Events are stale and have become boring and completely uninteresting (the current event “prime example”) and this In turn reduces the number of new players and even experienced players staying active.

The reward tree should become a monthly feature (as the blitz pass constantly changes mostly for the worse) with great rewards all obtainable through play, similar to the legends reward tree.

Events need a full shop change, the new premium needs to go back to a high token event 50-60k, I think a large selection of secondary premiums be added, like the legendary mission crate so players aren’t limited to the same old selection, with all new add ons such as extra gold/silver/FXP/boosters and all specialist camos available and possibly HC aswell (I know this one will never happen) keys for crates, with higher tier premiums with realistic drop rates 2-3% and a reasonable amount of keys on offer in the shop daily.

The VB should consist of 100 victory’s over 7 days and gift players keys at certain milestones ie 10-20-50-80-100 along with a realistic amount of tokens towards the main premium ie 25-30k.

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In-between events/Sub events: should become a more permanent factor, like 1 mill silver and 10k FXP or the one off copper/steel/titanium keys we got a few months ago.

Early access events: we all know this needs something done. I don’t even acknowledge this bullshit. It’s the most blatant money grabbing shite going and they’re free ships. This needs a huge change. Make it fun exciting for new/active players to possibly gain a chance at least gaining tier 6 and tier 7 a doable endeavour.

CV bugs: The most cancerous thing in the game and increasingly getting worse. Can’t stress enough how much this needs fixing and WG blatant reluctance to do anything about it!!!

MM: a real touchy subject and a difficult one to solve. I think to tackle increased premium monopolisation of platoons is to simply restrict the number of premiums per platoon ie one premium BB. Premium DDs and cruisers I don’t see much of a problem tho, but triple rich and Roma platoons … massively out match and out preform the enemy teams and as this happens more frequently will make new/casual players underwhelmed and put off, as it feels more paid to win. I also propose (a very unpopular one) CVs matched with same or lower tier only. Ie no more Saipan Rich Rich platoons – AKA Twat platoon!! Lastly no double platoons, unless both sides have equal platoons : I know this will increase lobby times and a increase of full bot games.

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Server abuse: players that purposely play out of their region need to go, as this makes games unstable, laggy and causes massive latency issues ie shells not registering as hits, thus giving other players higher advantages. Ie torp bugs and so forth.

I understand WG are a business and you can actually play endlessly, level up and reach tier 10 and not spend a single penny, which is great. However lately the increased gambling crates and paid to win mentality is massively killing the game. They forget games need incentives and players need to feel rewarded. Give more to receive more and players will support a game they enjoy and when they also know devs actually give a shit too. I think If I started playing now, I honestly wouldn’t bother after tier 5.


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