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The HE only Bismarck class — The strongest meta that no one is talking about

Content of the article: "The HE only Bismarck class — The strongest meta that no one is talking about"

With the rerelease of the Warhammer commanders this week, one thing I've noticed is that no one seems to appreciate just how insanely strong the Justinian Lyons commander can as be as an inspiration under the right circumstances. For those who aren't aware, Justinian Lyon's base trait is called, "Emperor's Wrath", which does two things, but only one of them is really important — It increases the chance of starting a fire with your BB shells by a maximum of 40% when your repair party is active.

You might think, "That's great and all, but BB shells already have a high percentage chance of starting a fire, so why is this important, especially since it's only during that brief window of time when your repair party is active?" Well here's the secret — the increased fire chance of BB shells doesn't just affect your main batteries, but your secondary batteries as well. That's right. It means your measly 105mm cannons on the Bismarck which basically do no damage most of the time go from having a pathetic 5% chance of starting a fire, to a whopping 45% chance of starting a fire for those 28 seconds every time you use your repair party.

I've been experimenting with how to fully maximize these traits, and interestingly enough came out with a playstyle that I find pretty effective. What I do is, instead of firing AP with my Bismarck, I fire HE shells. This forces the opposing ship to prematurely use their repair party, in which I then gain ground to get in range to fire my secondaries (have them up to 11.3km with my Von Hipper inspiration) that then burns them to the ground after I activate my repair party consumable. And when you combine this with the Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable, it almost becomes a comical. I've literally started 4 fires at once without even touching my controller. That's how powerful this secondary build can be under the right circumstances.

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