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The ‘State of the Secondaries’ Address

Volume-1: Week of January 25th, 2021

Hello my friends and fellow seafarers 👋

Many of you know me as an earnest advocate for all things Secondary battery / Brawling related, within Legends — and I am happy to enjoy the support of many fellow fans of that playstyle, here in this forum.

To that end, I’ve decided to take a cue from brother Saviour’s regular petition to change / improve the Weekly Premium Earnings for Legendary Tier ships, and publish a short weekly or bi-weekly update on the status of Secondary guns, and areas in which we are asking the Developers to consider changing / improving, going forwards !

  • Disclaimer * – I have great respect for the Dev Team, and have always asked that when we critique various things, we maintain civility & politeness. So, while my writing may be dramatically toned, at times, please don’t mistake passion for actual anger or disrespect for the great strides WOWS Legends has made in the short time it’s been Live, thanks to our Devs 😊

Okay, that out of the way – I think the biggest current issue we face in regards to our Secondary performance, lies with the historical ‘punching bag’ of WOWS (PC and here, lol), the Germans. While their battleships are typically loaded with supporting turrets, and they are ‘in theory’ meant to close in and brawl – in many combat situations – the sad reality is they currently are heavily Nerfed in Legends, for reasons which remain Unclear.

A few months back now, I created my last thread which focused on the Developer Revelations (by Dev Princeblip), as to what exactly the Team had set the German secondary guns to, in terms of their HE shell penetration. That thread exploded into a massive discussion, as dozens of Players expressed the same shock & frustration that I’d had, upon learning of this for essentially the first time.

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The main issue that the Dev’s comments highlighted, was that the German penetration values had been artificially adjusted by them, which cripples their performance in Legends.

German Secondary gun’s ‘gimmick’ is that they are blessed with 1/4 Penetration… meaning Caliber of the gun in Millimeters, divided by 4… and that is how many MM of armoring the shell can defeat.

Normally, ships get the ‘standard’ 1/6 adjustment, typically resulting in far less directly damaging secondary gunfire. But Germans are supposed to be much stronger in this area, to reward their more risky / punishing playstyle of closing range to Brawl.

This SHOULD mean that German 105mm guns (seen most often on Bayern, Scharnhorst & stock Hull-A Gneisenau, Tirpitz, and of course the iconic Bismarck)…. can penetrate 26-mm of armoring.

This should also mean that the improved German 128mm guns on Gneisenau’s Hull-B, Odin, and the ultimate brawler, Grosser Kurfürst, all penetrate the important 32-mm threshold.

Lastly, it SHOULD mean that the heavier 150mm cannons can crack 38mm, allowing them to harm the Central deck of ships like Iowa (and several others at Tier-6 or 7).

However… this is NOT the case. Instead, Legends has crippled the German brawlers, in terms of effectiveness, by Nerfing all three of these Secondary Battery gun types 😣.

As Princeblip explained, they’ve given the 105mm guns the ‘standard’ 1/6 Adjustment, for some unknown reason — meaning they can only harm a pathetic 18-mm of enemy armoring !! This value is SO bad, it means they cannot hurt the 19-mm Hulls of Tier-7+ Destroyers, nor even the absolute weakest area of Tier-7+ Battleships: their 19-mm Superstructures !?!

This is why Bismarck / Tirpitz etc can score all the ‘hits’ you can coax out of them currently, yet deal so little actual Secondary Damage.. Cause the vast majority of shells that hit an enemy vessel will Shatter harmlessly.

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While this is the worst of the Secondary Nefings to the Germans, currently active in Legends, we can’t forget to mention what was done to the 128’s annd 150’s either !

The Dev’s explained they DID in fact give those guns their ‘proper’ 1/4 Pen adjustment, but then intentionally nerfed the resulting number by exactly 1-mm, meaning the 128’s can only hurt 31-mm or less of armor, and the 150’s can only hurt 37-mm or less !

ODDLY enough, they carved out a somewhat bizarre exception to that, in the case of the battleship Odin’s 150mm triple-barreled turrets (one fore, one aft). These particular 150’s are actually Allowed their expected / proper 38mm Penetration, Princeblip stated. 🤔 ?

The takeaway is that we continue to sail our German Brawlers in a badly nerfed state, with the 105’s almost completely useless at high Tiers, and the 128’s unable to harm the 32-mm Bow and Stern areas of T-7+ Battleship foes. The 150’s also are strategically hurt, preventing them from damaging large portions of enemy T7+ craft, and limiting them (generally) to having to strike a Bow / Stern / Superstructure, to harm many targets.

The imbalance here is particularly stark with the current release of the Massachusetts upon the seas ! Here we have an excellent ship, in general, with fully functional 127-mm American secondary turrets, sporting 1/6 adjustment = 21mm HE penetration 🇺🇸

This is tremendously helpful, as it enables them to harm All areas of T-7 Destroyers (and most portions of Legendary ones too), but critically it also let’s them land damaging hits on enemy Battleship 19-mm Superstructures !

The result of all this is that, until the Devs un-nerf the German Secondaries — in particular the ATROCIOUSLY crippled 105’s, you’ll have the sad reality be that a Massachusetts could sit around 7-km km away from a Bismarck, with neither firing main guns at all.. and the Massa’s secondaries would shred the Bismarck, solely because the 127’s can hurt the German’s 19-mm Superstructure… while the German 105’s would Shatter harmlessly on all areas of Massa, and the much slower-firing 150’s nerfing would mean they could only hurt a relatively small portion of the American vessel ! 😩

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SO… in ending, I welcome the comments and thoughts of my Secondary / Brawl lovin’ comrades, and implore the Legends Devs to please fix this — at LEAST the comically crippled 105’s — at some point in the future !

Secondary Justice for the Germans 🙏 ⚖️🗽!


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