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The Unspoken Symbiosis Between Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers

Content of the article: "The Unspoken Symbiosis Between Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers"

Hi Captains,

While responding to a post yesterday I stumbled upon the unspoken union between the types of ships. Battleship players are mostly always saying that cruisers are unskilled players just hiding, cruiser players are mostly saying battleship players are campers just sniping and running to the edge of the maps when they back up, destroyers players are the worst in many eyes as they abandon caps and flee like cowards or they cant spot anything.

To get back to the heading of the post, this is an unspoken union between the three types of ships that people dont tend to think about or just ignore completely because they main a certain type. Each type needs the support of the other to substantially improve their suitability. As an example a BB is moving behind an island thus making engaging the enemy impossible due to the target not being spotted, now if a cruiser was undetected and he set the enemy on fire it might spot the target for both or if the destroyer is in a favorable position the target will be spotted. In this example you can remove one of the ships to still be effective at 100% but if you remove two ships the tables are turned and survival now reduce rapidly of the other ship (perhaps not so much if it was just the destroyer).

Lets say it was just the destroyer left and the enemy Battleship was 50% health, depending on the time left and position of the destroyer it has only X amount of times it can try and torp the ship, if it misses on the given X amounts the match is completely in favor of the battleship depending on the points lead and such. Again in the destroyer in this case positioning is crucial for success.

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So this bond I speak of its what exactly, well together these three ships are a force to recon with but with out the other ones assistance the rest becomes weaker over minute and as ones are destroyed. Some players like to say that the other ship mains are this or that and they are cowards or potato or such things were in reality its a symbiosis as the one cant really live without the other.

So my question is then why are we always fighting or saying that the other type of main I am not playing is bad or noob? Could it be that I am not as good in that class and think my class is above the other? Now there is our core mistake as players. We are a team and each of us has a role, once we understand each others role only then you will know why that cruiser is so far back or the destroyer is pushing that specific direction or the BB is camping further back. Its up to us as players (if your not directly communicating) with the others on our side to do our best to analyse the situation and then try to work with it or try to change it to our advantage.

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As a little example I will perhaps fire torps at a battleship forcing him to turn away and thus exposing his broadside to my battleships but I need to ping that guy to my team or talk in game. Now you may think this doesnt work, yes sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. I played a game yesterday and no joke sacrificed my torps at a battleship to force him to turn to make sure the destroyer with me could drill all his torps into the battleship so we can secure the win. The Fletcher was able to put all his torps in the battleship as it never knew the Fletcher was there as I even smoked up the Fletcher and then exposed myself to the battleship. All this and it was a complete random person. I had to message the guy at the end of the game and thank him for his support and sticking with me as together we destroyed 6 ships in the end.

Sorry for the long post but for those of you that read this far I hope, really hope, it makes you think of the close relationship each type of ship and the importance of them all to work as one to win at the end. With that unit and chemistry between communicating players you are unstoppable.

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Thanks for your time to read and good luck Captains,

RoguePLC out


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