World of Warships

Things I hate about the game.

Content of the article: "Things I hate about the game."

I wanna express my true thoughts about the game.

I hate it because

1: The matchmaking

Ever encountered 5 DDs on the enemy team, or maybe 7 battleships on your team? Yes, and this had been a problem since then. I think this is also a factor of why players snipe at long range, because the 2 teams are unbalanced.

2: The game mechanics

This also includes you desync.

Ever heard of “angling”? Have you ever tried it? When I did, I took massive damage. Yes, angling does not do anything other than smaller profile, but in damage reduction, it does absolutely nothing, it even makes the damage bigger! Torpedo science also sucks. It makes torpbeats in the game less.

And finally, the desync, whatever that means. The shell arcs are unrealistically high, and it just makes leads at distance as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

The shell science too. Veterans, explain please. It’s purely RNG. You could even ricochet a full broadside light cruiser.

And a lot more.

3: Ship prices

This has never been a problem to me, but let’s just put this to perspective. Most ships and equipments have a high price, and the credits in battle aren’t enough, even with Premium account.

Also, ships that require real money to buy have a high price.

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4: Noob players

Yes, it sucks to see a CV rush 5 enemy ships at a time, without any caution. Campers are also a problem, but after my “Camping noobs” shitpost, I’m gonna consider them instead, because it’s natural, and it’s never a guarantee that you will sink a ship before you sink. You could just suicide.

5: Toxic players

This. There are a lot of shittalkers out there that are level 9000 wizards that beat you in shittalking. It’s just annoying.

6: Overpowered ships

Mostly premium, maybe some tech tree ships. Roma, for instance, is overpowered, and hasn’t received a nerf for ages.

7: Seal clubbers

I saw many at low tiers, I did defeat most of them, but they’re just real nuisances for new players.


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