World of Warships

This game is unreasonably frustrating at times

Put into a game in my tier 6 Lyon and it’s a 5v5 – to start, we have 2 cruisers and 3 battleships vs 1 cruiser and 4 battleships. So we’re already at a disadvantage, and I wouldn’t consider lyon a battleship killer/brawler, so I’m pretty screwed. Then I see it’s a tier 7 match with 3 tier 7s either side. Awesome

The enemy cruiser, an ochakov (is that the spelling?) gets spotted steaming towards us on our left flank. I set up an ambush, wait for him to come around, and wallop him with an 18k broadside, deleting half his hit points in one go. I tag him for my nearby Iowa and Prinz Eugen to finish off, and Iowa completely ignores it, and Eugen just… sails off? I’m not sure

Too bad, I’ve got this. Second full salvo from my Lyon slams into the ochakov, shearing off another 6k, sadly not finishing him. He’s by this point managed to fully retreat into a bow tanking position, (not that it means much), and suddenly, two enemy battleships, an Iowa and Vladivostok appear. Crap.

I turn my rear towards them to start kiting so that I have 2 guns being able to fire, no point in bow tanking, they can overpen me and hit the citadel if I do. Iowa is still hiding behind a rock, our second Iowa (who had been sitting in our base) was also doing nothing. By this point, both Prinz Eugen and New Orleans had gone down somehow, and I had a HE spammer and two tier 7s facing me down.

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3 fires going on me, I pop my damage control and try to flee to cover myself from HE spam, as my battleships are refusing to do anything to help, and I’m not facing down these ships on my own. Unfortunately, the moment my damage control has worn off, Vladivostok and Ochakov both launch a full salvo at me, HE, and instantly set FOUR MORE FIRES.

These battleships were allowed to push because my teammates, specifically both Tier 7 Iowa Battleships, in a 5v5, decided to completely hide. For some reference, when Ochakov first came round the corner and I hit him for 18k, he was in full sight of Iowa, less 10km away, and NEITHER Iowa fired on him. In fact, I have no clue what they firing at, because he was the first and only one spotted at the moment!

We could have easily deleted Ochakov for his reckless play, and I wouldn’t have taken HE spam. We would have been completely ready for the battleships coming around, but neither Iowa wanted to do anything. It pisses me off when people refuse to open fire, what are you aiming at? I didn’t see them hit any of the battleships, or the enemy cruiser, and we got completely steam rolled! Fine, sit behind cover, whatever, but at least have some situational awareness! I’ll say again, there was NOTHING else they could have aimed at, literally NOTHING! And they did this for the whole time!

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I’m so fed up with this game at times. I really don’t get bothered by people staying back as long as they provide cover and do their jobs. I didn’t over expose myself either, so I’m not faulting myself for the loss, and things like this have happened too many times to count, especially in a destroyer when the team turns to the other flank and I get abandoned trying to contest the cap and spotting for nobody!

I just need this pandemic to hurry it’s arse out the door. I’m so sick of having nothing to do and spending hours on this game, only to get frustrated by the games where I’m stuck with stupid team mates. That is not to forget that I have met some awesome, incredible players on here, and it’s a shame I couldn’t message them because of cross platform. But goddamn, this game can be unreasonably frustrating


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