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Tier 9 BB tier list

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Well, since the last post about tier 8 BBs was generally well received, I figure I might as well keep doing these. For this list I will be covering tier 9 Battleships. Tier 9 as a whole generally a pretty inconsistent tier with a lot of major power discrepancies showing up as lines generally begin to take form in truth at this tier. Some ships are very powerful and feel like tier 10 ships while others merely feel like tier 8 ships with an extra consumable. Tier 9 Battleships are no exception to this with many (read. Premiums) standing far above their competitors.

The system I am using has slightly changed with A tier being mostly made up of standout ships while B tier is mainly going to be made up of average ships. As such, most ships will fall within this tier and there will likely be more C tier ships from here on out. Anyways, without further adieu, lets begin.


Tier descriptions

S tier: Ships that are the top of their class with few weaknesses; only the strongest of the strong will end up here.

A tier: Great ships that stand out above many of their competitors but aren't strong enough to S tier.

B tier: Average ships that don't really stand out as above average or mediocre. Most ships will likely fall within this tier.

C tier: Ships that are noticeably worse than their peers. These ships can still be situationally good but generally have inconsistent strengths or are just worse than the competition in most situations.

D tier: Ships that are just worse than their counterparts and have no noteworthy strengths. Bottom of the barrel.


Final rankings

S tier: Georgia, Musashi, Jean Bart

A tier: Sov. Soyuz, Izumo/Baije,

B tier: Iowa, Missouri, Lion, Sov. Rossiya, F. der Große, Pommern, Alsace

C tier: Minnesota, Hizen (?),

D tier:


Arranged by order of nationality.

Iowa, upper B tier: The Iowa is definitely a good representation of what an 'average' ship is. With generally solid all-around stats but no real major strengths, the Iowa stands out as an all-around average ship. It should however be noted that the Iowa is likely on the upper end of the B tier power spectrum and likely would be A tier if it wasn't for the…

Missouri, B tier: For all intents and purposes, the Missouri is just a slightly better Iowa. It is more or less statistically identical to the Iowa but trades access to catapult aircraft for a USN CA radar consumable. For obvious reasons, access to radar is way more valuable than a spotter (in most cases) so the added strengths takes what is already a strong B tier ship into A tier. Moved to B tier due by request

Minnesota, C tier: The Minnesota is in the same spot as the Kansas. While it is a better ship tier-for-tier, it still just isn't good enough to compete with its direct tech-tree competitor, although the improved accuracy over the Kansas at least allows it to smack ships around more consistently. Still, its plethora of major weaknesses outweigh whatever strengths it may have, earning it a solid C tier ranking.

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Georgia, S tier: Rounding off the USN BBs, the Georgia is without a doubt an S tier ship. Its combination of mobility, firepower, survivability (kind of), and strong secondaries easily sets it above and beyond its competition. While it has questionable durability under sustained fire, its amazing firepower and mobility makes for a deadly ship that is just strongest than most of its competition in most situations, earning it a solid place in S tier.

Lion, B tier: While I am tempted to cast this ship into the pits of C tier for how bad the stock grind is, I must say that this ship isn't that bad when fully upgraded. For all intents and purposes this ship is just a Monarch but improved in most ways with a number of major weaknesses being ironed out. It is decently survivable due to the superheal, it has decent firepower due to its strong HE, and is decently maneuverable. Overall, despite being somewhat boring to play, the Lion definitely isn't an awful ship and as such deserves a spot in B tier.

Sov. Soyuz, lower A tier: This ship squeaks into A tier simply by being tanky. While it has mediocre firepower and has very sluggish mobility, the Soyuz has the benefit of being incredibly hard to kill when properly positioned. That being said, the lack of effective firepower can be a major downside at times and the poor AA is a major issue in CV games. For this reason, I'm going to say that this ship is a tentative A tier and isn't quite on par with some of the true A tier ships.

Sov. Rossiya, B tier: The Rossiya is just a Soyuz with a normal dispersion curve and 8k less HP. It might be decent if it had a higher sigma value but as it is, the improved dispersion is mostly irrelevant since it effectively nerfs your performance when fighting at optimal combat ranges. I'm tempted to put this ship in C tier for how redundant it is but I think that might be a bit too harsh, so B tier it is.

Izumo, A tier: Despite this ships poor reputation, the Izumo is actually a really good ship nowadays. While it still has poor mobility and is still pretty easy to farm to death, it has some of the best BB firepower in the game. Its 410mm guns are among the best 16'' guns in the game and are comparable to the Slava's 406mm guns in terms of penetration and ballistics. On top of this, it has 2.0 Sigma (best out of all tier 9 BBs interestingly) and a solid dispersion curve. This level of firepower easily compensates for the rest of the Izumo's shortcomings and lands the ship a spot in A tier.

Baije, A tier: Although technically not a Japanese ship, the Baije is for all intents and purposes an Izumo with better guns. It has better sigma (2.1 vs 2.0) and better range (25km vs 21km) in exchange for a slightly worse reload. Generally this ship is slightly superior to the Izumo in most cases but it isn't a big difference to put the two ships in different tiers.

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Hizen, C tier or B tier: A relatively new addition, the Hizen is unfortunately a rather gimmicky ship. Subjected to a long series of nerfs throughout its development, the final product we have now is essentially a tier 9 Amagi with two extra guns, a worse reload (30 seconds vs 33.6 with reload mod), worse accuracy, worse mobility, and worse survivability. While it will never be truly useless, 12 guns is 12 guns after all, it ultimately feels like a pointless addition and isn't worth playing when there are other ships that do its job as a sniper way better.

Musashi, upper S tier: This probably comes as a surprise to nobody. The Musashi is for all intents and purposes a tier 10 ship that has been slightly nerfed and crammed into tier 9. Everything about this ship is just oppressive and makes for a ship that outclasses most of its peers in almost every situation. For this reason, the Musashi is pretty much without question the best tier 9 BB and definitely deserves the rank of upper S tier.

F. der Große, B tier: Much like the Izumo, this ship has traditionally had a reputation of being worse than its peers. Although the FDG hasn't risen above that like the Izumo has, the multiple buffs to its main battery performance (dispersion curve buff and reload buffs) have made these ship a somewhat decent gun platform. While it will never be quite as good as the Bismarck is tier-for-tier, it is most certainly not an awful ship anymore.

Pommern, B tier (for now): Essentially an FDG with Alsace main battery and torpedoes, this ship is definitely a side-grade to the FDG. While ship is generally not as reliable as its competitors due to the horrible main battery accuracy, the added alpha-strike can come in handy and the torpedoes are nice to have in close range situations. As a whole though, this ship mainly shines when using a full secondary build due to how ineffective the main-battery armament often is. The main threat facing this ship is the coming commander skill changes which will heavily reduce the effective damage output of this ship while providing very little benefit (none of the new skills scale as well on this as they do the FDG). For this reason, I'm placing this ship in a tentative B tier position since it is still a decent ship for now with the rank most likely dropping to C tier if the secondary battery changes are as impactful as they currently are.

Alsace, B tier: The Alsace is a tough ship to effectively rank since I know a lot of people really like this ship, even after the nerfs. That being said, I feel that the Alsace has partly fallen from its previous glory due to the repeated firepower nerfs and the prevalence of high DPM cruisers in its matchmaking spread. That being said, this ship can still absolutely dominate when things go right, earning it a spot in B tier.

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Jean Bart, lower S tier: While this ship isn't quite as overpowered as the other ships in S tier, this ship certainly is above and beyond almost every other tier 9 ship. Being a Richelieu with MBRB and an improved base reload is enough to make this ship a very powerful option that can deal with most threats it encounters. While its inability to overmatch 27mm bow armor and its mediocre survivability keep it from being completely overpowered, its aforementioned strengths are big enough to put this ship in S tier.


This was a pretty easy list to make and I think it is generally accurate, but if you have any contentions of thoughts then do let me know. Strawpoll if you want input on the next tier list.


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