World of Warships

Turning Radius Changes — Preliminary Findings

I'm still going over all of the data collected (thank you all, so much). There was over 1,000 timed results submitted — more than enough to demonstrate the following:

The Problem Children

New Mexico and Colorado are way off. They lost their improved energy preservation and their turn radii sit at ~635m instead of 600m and 610m respectively. This has made these two painfully slow. New York also lost her improved energy retention (Texas didn't) but her turn radius numbers are accurate at least.

New Mexico went from 18.4kts in a turn over ~86.9s (~680m) to 15.9kts in a turn over ~93.6s (~640m). New Mexico is supposed to have a 600m radius under patch 0.9.6. This drops her rate of turn from 4.1º/s to 3.9º/s.

Colorado went from 19.2kts in a turn over ~86.9s (~710m) to 15.9kts in a turn over ~93.1s (~630m). Colorado is supposed to have a 610m radius under patch 0.9.6. This drops her rate of turn from 4.1º/s to 3.9º/s.

Close? Maybe?

Conqueror and Thunderer have values closer to 928m instead of 938m as stated in the article. This puts them closer to 930m instead of 940m.

Fuso's turn radius marginally shrunk with the changes, bringing her further away from the 740m radius she was supposed to be adjusted towards (she sits closer to 730m).

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Iron Duke was fine before by my measures, but the changes have further reduced her from ~644m before down to ~641m. This still keeps her within the +/- 10m tolerance so she's not wrong, per se, but the change seemed both unnecessary and in the wrong direction.

I'll be producing a full article summarizing exactly how each ship was affected by the changes Wargaming published in the next day or two. This will be comparing their turning performance (turn speed, turn radius, rate of turn) from patch 0.9.5 to 0.9.6, as well as showing a few ships that Wargaming missed. The above details are the juiciest bits for the moment, especially given the American Battleships that are coming in the near future.

Put on your tinfoil hats, boys and girls.


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