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Twist and track is easy mode in Domination.

So, I've been flirting with Arena mode. It's not bad, but as with most alternate game modes WG puts out, there's no point playing it if you want to get your missions done, and mine have been piling up. I'm in the bottom of the 10% bracket, so I mostly play to bump myself back up from the 25% bracket. The last few days I've noticed I've been getting solo games 1v1v1v1. Today I got one of these games in the Mahan with Mordoff and it was disgusting. Granted Mordoff excels in gun fights and makes the dakka fly even faster, but Twist and Track won me the match.

Started off against 2 Mahans, a Gnevy, and no twist and track on my opponents. I ran away from my initial tracked unit and circled the capture point. Slowly getting closer while looking for a change in the indicator. I watched the cap go from being captured to contested with no signs of conflict. My indicator swung around and I hit my speed boost as I rounded an island. I caught the Gnevy broadside with her guns pointed in the opposite direction. I dropped torpedoes on and in front of her and started firing. She took off under withering volleys of HE. She tried to come about and bring her guns to bear but American HE and a lucky torpedo brought her down with no damage to my ship.

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I continued to stalk the cap. I swung back out to stay just within the circle using the islands as cover and ignoring the indicator, knowing I would save him for last. One, two, three islands then the indicator swiveled again and the hunt was on. I caught the 1st Mahan similarly unaware, but her guns turned on to me quick enough as she started turning her screws. I dropped torps and went work, dealing damage and knocking out her engines. I turned to dodge the enemy torpedoes she sent before dealing the final blow, but not before losing 2/3 of my health to her guns and having my engines knocked out. I stopped behind an island to rest, repair my engines and consider my next move.

The last Mahan was close. She and I both contested the cap and the indicator showed her to be less than 3 miles away if she was in the cap, behind a large island. I kept to my strategy, I circled around the outside. I made an error though, I hung to close to the island, bringing me within minimum detection. I hurried hoping She would still be adjusting her guns when I rounded the corner. She was still bringing her guns to bear, or her Captain had been slow to recognize the detection. I found her heading into the cap and dropping smoke, but she was to close to hide in it. Ignoring my torpedos I began to fire away. She presented her broadside. I thanked her by whittling her down to 1/3 of her health. Slow to return fire. The Mahan must have put torpedoes in the water, finally returning fire she brought me down to 1/6 of my health with a few salvos. It was too late though another dash of HE and some nimble dodging saw me through the day and showed my opponents to a watery grave.

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TLDR: If you're the only player with Twist and track in a DD only Domination, your opponents are playing with one hand behind their back, and you should thank them by sending them back to port.


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