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Unpopular opinion/PSA: Missouri isn’t a cash machine even now

TLDR: Missouri does NOT earn a significant amount more than other tier 9 premiums available today (a little more perhaps)

I got Missouri back when it was the first tier 9 premium and the first free xp ship. It's one of my most played ships.(426 battles in her). My experience is that she really doesn't earn that much more compared to other t9 premiums. Remember that when she was first released, a lot of the earnings-debate was simply that she made much more than tier 8 premiums which were the best up til that point. I'm not saying she doesn't have a bonus, I'm just saying that her special credit bonus is NOT that great and blaming it for her removal was probably not the entire truth from WG back in the day.

I've never seen hard numbers on what the special credit bonus is. It will be interesting to see what WG gives as a credit bonus to her earnings for those of us who have it. I personally believe it to be around 10-20% if even that. Some perceived benefit is solely based on her being the first tier9 premium, coupled with some off the cuff remarks from WG employees who wanted to hype her, along with community contributors hyping her over the years as some "one stop fix" to all credit issues in the game for new players. That simply isn't the case.

Some indications that I base my view on:

  1. When i div with mates in other premium tier 9's, she doesn't seem to get much better base credit result than a Neustrashimy or Alaska. We're talking at most 10%-20% more if experience is similar. This is an estimate based on many div games where we specifically compared this afterwards.
  2. My most successful credit game that I can recall netted me over 2 million, but that was in ARP Takao with all bonuses. That is because as a tier 8 in a t10 game the xp bonus for tier difference affects credits and beats Missouris built in credit bonuses.
  3. My strongest indicator is that on average, my Musashi earns me more credits because I do more damage on average in her (also 400+ games).
  4. EDIT-added: Since damage affects earnings more than xp does, Missouri (who tends to shoot DD's more than any other BB due to the radar) doesn't do as much average damage as a lot of other BB's. 9 rifles only, coupled with firing on DD's occasionally due to radar means a ship like Musashi can be a more reliable income due to higher damage games (or even Pommern due to torps +secondaries+main guns= decent damage in all situations)

Don't believe everyone stating she makes "mad amounts of cash". Playing many games in any tier 8 or 9 premium ship is the real way to make mad amounts of cash. You will earn more in a ship you are good in. Sure, if Missouri fits your play style you might make an extra 100k or so but if you already have a tier 9 premium, don't expect huge differences in earnings.

(I've been playing free to play since closed alpha, credits was never an issue after 2017 or so and the amount of free premium these days makes it quite easy to earn a lot)


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