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Unpopular Opinion: Russian CAs except Petropavlovsk are good additions to the game and reasonably balanced when it comes to the general playerbase. And why grinding to Petro is a poor decision for new players who want to try a cruiser line with good guns and armour.

TLDR at the end, if you're too lazy or busy to read through a boring 800words thesis.

Personally, I find Tallinn and Riga are decent additions to the game overall.

They're skill reliant ships where they rely on the their captain's situational and map awareness as their dependence on AP shells, which unlike HE shells can be very inconsistent if not used wel. Their very flat shell arc is a double edged sword as shooting behind island, On top of their mediocre HE DPM for cruisers in general forces them to resort to farming enemy broadsides. Which requires careful positioning and flanking action at specific time in order to exploit your enemy's mistakes and get out of there as soon as possible. As their poor mobility could be the achilles heel to their demise despite their above average armour protection. Their Radar also only serves as an area clearing tool to alert you of enemy DD presence in case you might get ambush torped, but is far too short to be used for DD hunting so the low concealment to radar buffer zone is relatively well balanced.

All of these aspect make the line a very skill reliant grind meant for experienced players who can outsmart its opponents, which is why its considered very strong by the likes of Flamu and other higher skilled CCs (which isn't wrong at all from their perspective). While the average 50% winrate players often struggle with them as they fail to outposition their enemy and farm their broadside, all the while getting hampered by their poor mobility and get dumpstered by their enemy as they fail to out run them.

However, this nice formula of creating a skill dependant line from nice protection, poor mobility and AP reliant guns is completely abolished when it comes to Petropavlovsk and its armour scheme. 50mm deck plating is somewhat fine on Stalingrad and Moskva as their citadel protection is very poor as its exposed. While Petro not only have a spaced citadel, it sits way lower than most cruisers in the game. Which means most mid to long range BB shells often hit the 50mm deck or upper belt at a steep angle which lead to ricochets, the small superstructure also helps. This allows Petropavlovsk to play as a BB, with alot of its advantages, nice AP pen to citadel alot of ships, durablity to take punishments from a wide range of enemies, all the while getting none of the BB's downsides and gain cruiser advantages like radar to scare DD that don't know all the different radar, hydro to dodge torps, cruiser fire duration, a more consistent dispersion. All of this allows it to brawl against BBs and often come out on top, without much scratch.

So if you're new to the game or often like offering advices to new players in this subreddit, don't go grind or offer the Petro line to new players, sure the tier 10 is OP with its busted armour, but the grind itself is another story, you have to change playstyle at tier 7, adjusting to a new playstyle at this tier is already somewhat hard for new players, not the mention one with a high skill floor, and then you realize tier 9 is the most competitive tier in the game where players easily loses their chill with a few mistakes, afterall, radar ships are powerful in a meta where DDs reign.

Remember, 100% of the time thats spent to get the Petro is not spend INSIDE a Petro, the entirety of the grind is in a tier 9 or lower ship and Petro is somewhat different to the rest of the line. If you want one that teaches you positioning, Germans and USN CAs are my go-tos for learning as german for their versatility plus decent durability and USN due to their island hugging playstyle. And if you got a better option then go offer it, just don't offer RU CA line like its a walk in the park, as its more on the level of UK CLs(probably not as skill reliant as a radar mino but thats not even a fair comparison tbh)

If you read til the end, here's a thank you for spending a good chunk of your day on this meaningless semi-rant of mine on a pixel game. I hope you have a great day ahead of you!

TLDR: Tallinn and Riga are what we need in the game, a line of ships that rely heavily on skills and rewards or punishes you greatly, instead of spoon-feeding you damage like its nothing.

Also don't grind Russian CAs for the first line if you're new to the game or lacks cruiser experiences, its incredibly punishing to those who don't have the necessary skills and they're all in a very competitive mm and often toxic environmental to learn such skills in. Just because the tier 10 is op doesn't mean its worth the painful experience. There are better choices out there to learn such skills.


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