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USN DD TorpedoBoat Tech Tree Idea

Now I know that a post like this should be on the normal WoWs Reddit page but I wanted to run this idea with this community first for two reasons. The first reason is that I'm more familiar with Legends at this post than PC WoWs, so anyone who more familiar with PC WoWs wants to give me some feedback for PC sides of things that would be great. The second reason is that with the exception of the T10 I put in, every other ship I came up with could be added in since the Legend's normal USN DD eliminates 2 DDs from the PC version.

So I got the main concept behind this line as I was bored and looking through the Wiki Page of all USN DDs ever made and noticed that the USN made three classes of DDs that carried 16 torpedo tubes, which we currently have one in the game, USS Benham. That got me thinking to come up with an interesting USN Torpedo Boat line that would be neat and fun for the user, sorry BB mains.

This line's main concept is to be an open water torpedo boat that focuses on firing low damage torpedos but a lot of them and quickly while having a decent range given the Tier. The term "open water" truly means "open water" as this line does not come with a smoke generator at all but instead comes with an improved Engine Boost, (short duration, 120s, but high boost, 15%) to quickly escape and comes with charges of Torpedo Reload Booster (1 charge for Legends) which would start at T5. As for durability, these Torpedo Boats would have more HP than the USN Gunboats but still less HP than the French DD line. (Example for T7: Fletcher has 16,700hp, Le Fantasque has 18,500hp, so this TorpBoat DD would have 17,600) As for Firepower, the main guns reload would be 4s throughout the entire line as for most of these DDs they only have 4 guns, exception will be noted later. The Torpedo power on the other hand would start small with 2×4 at T4 and end with 4×4 at T7. As for the Detectability front, these ships at first will be on par with the normal DD line but at T7 would out spot the Fletcher by .3km

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The ships (Please note I'm only listing Torpedo Stats and very Basic Stats)

T4: USS Hull (2×4 torpedos) Range: 7km Reload: 68s Dmg: ~8,000 Speed: 60kts

Ship's Stats HP: 13,000 Speed: 36kts Rudder Shift: 2.7s Concealment Sea: 6.2km

Guns: 1×4 127mm Reload: 4s

Consumables: Damage Control, Engine Boost (120s, 8% Boost)

T5: USS Dunlap* (3×4 torpedos) Range: 8km Reload: 70s Dmg: ~8,500 Speed: 60kts

Ship's Stats HP: 15,000 Speed: 36kts Rudder Shift: 2.7s Concealment Sea: 6.7km

Guns: 1×5 127mm Reload: 4.5s

Consumables: Damage Control, Engine Boost (120s, 8% Boost), Torpedo Reload Booster (1 Charge)

T6: USS Bagley (4×4 torpedos) Range: 9km Reload: 72s Dmg: ~9,500 Speed: 60kts

Ship's Stats HP: 16,200 Speed: 36.8kts Rudder Shift: 2.7s Concealment Sea: 6.8km

Guns: 1×4 127mm Reload: 4s

Consumables: Damage Control, Engine Boost (120s, 8% Boost), Torpedo Reload Booster (1 Charge)

T7: USS Gridley (4×4 torpedos) Range: 10km Reload: 72s Dmg: ~10,000 Speed: 64kts

Ship's Stats HP: 17,600 Speed: 38.5kts Rudder Shift: 3s Concealment Sea: 6.7km

Guns: 1×4 127mm Reload: 4s

Consumables: Damage Control, Engine Boost (120s, 15% Boost)**, Torpedo Reload Booster (1 Charge)

*Dunlap has 5 guns since it's a Mahan with different gun mounts which apparently makes some people consider it as a whole subclass. So, this ship's gun reloads would be 4.5s to make up for the additional gun.

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** The 15% boost starts at T7 as I notice in Legends many ships don't get their full gimmick until the last Tier

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I think an "open water" USN Torpedo Boat line would interesting and I'm surprised that an alternate USN DD line has yet be added in yet. I would like to develop this idea further before I propose this line to the normal WoWs Reddit.


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