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Warship Masters’ 2020 Invitational Tournament [NA]


YIKES currently known as are proud to present the first season of Warship Masters' Invitational tournament!

For its first season the Warship Masters Invitational will feature 8 clans and seeds will be based upon season 9 clan battles placement. Participants will face each other in a 7vs7, BO3 (with the finals being BO5), single elimination tournament restricted to Tier 10 ships with no CVs.

We're changing things up a little bit by utilizing a point value system for ship selection. Each team is limited to 100 points total and each ship has its own set point value based on multiple factors, including strength, rarity and popularity. Teams will have to get creative when planning their composition and we hope this makes for an interesting spectacle.

Teams are free to take any number of battleships, cruisers, or destroyers as long as the total point value is at or under 100 points and there is a max of 7 ships.

WMI 2020 Invited clans: , , , , , <-BN->, , <-KIA->

We are delighted to offer the winning team a 1st place prize of $500 USD as well as $250 worth of premium ships.

2nd and 3rd place finishers will receive 20k doubloons and 10k doubloons respectively.

The tournament will take place on June 27th at 10AM PST and will run through until 2PM PST. (1PM EST – 5PM EST)

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Tune in to the following Twitch channels to catch all the action:

The full ruleset with point values can be found here.

The discord can be found here.


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