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Warships Masters Championship 2020!

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Following the success of the NA and EU Invitationals we're very pleased to announce the first Masters' Championship 2020!

The championship will showcase the top 4 teams from the previous NA and EU Invitationals. It will be played on the NA server and all participants will be provided press accounts for the duration of the tournament.

You can expect the same format and rules as the previously held Invitationals. We have updated the set point value for ships and will continue to do so between events.

Participants will face each other in a 7vs7, BO3 (with the finals being BO5), single elimination tournament restricted to Tier 10 ships with no CVs.

Each team is limited to 100 points total and each ship has its own set point value based on multiple factors, including strength, rarity and popularity.

Teams are free to take any number of battleships, cruisers, or destroyers as long as the total point value is at or under 100 points and there is a max of 7 ships.

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Warship Masters' Championship 2020 Invited clans:

EU: , , ,

NA: , , , <-KIA->

Planned prizes:

1st place: T8 premium ship container per player and $1000 USD for the team to split

2nd place: T7 premium ship container per player

3rd place: T6 premium ship container per player

The tournament will take place on November 22nd at 18:00 CET and is planned to run through until 23:00 CET.


12PM – 5PM EST

Toornament page

Streamer list for the championship Sunday, make sure to tune in!

Flamu –

Flambass –

Boggzy –

Statsbloke –

Gaishu –

Kiririnichiban –

Lord Zath –

Tedster(only casting) –

AtotheK101 –

DeleRT83 –

Ahskance –

Aerilis2 –

Carrier_Hosho –

The full ruleset with point values can be found here.

The discord can be found here.

The website can be found here.

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