World of Warships

Weekly Community Wishlist

To any WG employees reading,

This is a list which I will be posting and updating weekly to provide a showcase of common things we, the players, would largely appreciate having in the game. It is, of course, not exhaustive, but I feel the vast majority of us would celebrate, rather than lament, their inclusion. Without further adue:

  1. Italian SAP or equivalent HE-rework: Though not the most requested change to the game, I think you'd find no one complain if you either added SAP OR (preferably) took Subtle Manipulations and changed it from a lame 4th row skill and added it as a new Italian-only Legendary skill that drops HE fire chance to 0% while greatly boosting its penetration and damage to compensate. It'd give the Italians a spice they otherwise lack in-game beyond, "Speedy pasta bois"
  2. Spawn Improvements: Rolling spawn locations back on maps would give players more time to position and promote better gameplay from the outset of a battle. I believe a large part of the 'reversing BB syndrome' is a reaction by players who feel compressed by the spawns and want some breathing room, even if they don't necessarily need it.
  3. Disable AA on DD's if they're not detected: If you're not going to do this, then own up to the very real effect it has on DD concealment and change DD air detectability to match its AA range.
  4. Manual Targeting for Secondaries: This could easily be mapped to a .5 second-long press of the targeting button. It doesn't need to buff accuracy or anything, just refocus the attention of secondary batteries to whatever ship we've targeted. That way you alleviate fears of secondaries becoming overwhelming and assuage us BB captains who can do nothing but cry as our secondaries blaze away at the cruiser in the distance while a DD suicide-dives us.
  5. Pirate Flag: 'Nuff said. Calico Jack Rackham's flag would look fantastic on my Wichita.
  6. Community patch: T33kanne asked for suggestions as to what a Reddit community patch should look like. I suggest you offer a black rectangular background and a skull n' crossbones. More pirate stuff!!!
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I'll amend this on request, but feel it's a pretty fair set of requests that most of us want to see!


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