World of Warships

What is Wrong?

Ok, either I completely suck at this game even after playing for 2 years or I just don't know something absolutely crucial that I should. Yes, I know the game is not in the best shape right now. Yes, I also know it's a lot more complicated than it looks. But I've watched so many videos, ship reviews, streams, and I just can't accomplish even a third of what I see there. A good game in a tier 9 battleship for me is breaking 75k damage. Most games are not over 50k. It's FdG, I know I know… but still?!

Scenario 1: My guns suck, I need to get within 15km of other ships. I lose half my health before even getting there even though I'm not ahead of other BBs. Then I get focused and die. So maybe I need to be more cautious.

Scenario 2: Ok, I'm going to be more cautios and stay behind other ships. I keep most of my health. My guns either miss completely or bounce. We win / lose the game before I get any damage.

Scenario 3: Stick with other ships and push with them. Guess what? Nobody is pushing. Then I get torped despite having hydro.

Scenario 4: My 11.2 km secondaries are the key to high damage. HAHAHAHA, that was a joke. They start 1 or 2 fires. I do 5k damage with them and then burn or flood to hell.

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So what do I do? Kill the cruisers? They're all behind islands, burning me down. Going against other battleships is fun, but how the hell do I get close enough to them? You say wait until later in the game, but half the time there is no later.

I've also tried destroyers, we all know how that goes. I hate playing cruisers even more – 1 mistake and you're gone – not fun.

Tell me something I haven't heard yet. Nothing has worked so far.


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