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What to expect from ranked (Season 9)

Content of the article: "What to expect from ranked (Season 9)"

Hello everyone,

I managed to reach rank 5 yesterday and I thought that it would be good to share some feedback, tips and maybe motivational words 🙂

Sidenote: played just a bit of destroyers and cruisers and got to rank 5 with Warspite, around 70 to 80% of games were solo.

Notable changes in comparison to last season

No star saving for being first in loosing team

This is quite a big change, as it forces each class to play for a win. This shouldn´t sound like so big deal and it isn´t for majority of cruisers and battleships, only "border running" kiting players will notice it, but it basically eliminates flanking DDs, that don´t play objectives and usually tended to save the star with this "strategy".

Teamplay got better in my opinion, people are more willing to push, if they are loosing and I can´t even say, how many times it turned the battle completely.


This changes strategies pretty significantly, if you tend to have very good positioning, you can very easily turn the tide of the game even alone, especially if you manage to distract 2 or more enemy ships, while your allies are pusinh on the other flank.

You can make decesive plays more easily than in 7v7 and come backs are possible, so games are usually fun until the end, as you can even win the game, if your DD makes bad play.

Tier 5

This isn´t very big change, we had tier 5 seasons before, but its difference in comparison to last season.

Different ship types and their roles


list of priorities:

  1. stay alive
  2. cap
  3. spot(best combined with area deny torps)

Destroyers in this season are in pretty good spot, just reverse into the cap and depending on how it turns out, either cap or try to spot enemy DDs.

I personally ran T 61 and it worked nicely, as it has good potential to kill enemy DD, even if it smokes up, thanks hydro and could work very nicely against BBs, as there were usually at least 3 of them in both teams, BUT my friends tried Fubuki and Gaede, which both worked nicely as well. Fubuki because of nine 10km torpedoes, which can be devastating against BBs and Gaede thanks guns, which are capable to deal with cruisers(and BBs), though in majority of cases, cruisers won´t survive so long :D.

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list of priorities:

  1. stay alive
  2. flank to get caps(if the map allows of course)
  3. try to land hits on enemy DD
  4. farm BBs

Playing cruisers is pretty hard*, but if you will get through the opening phase of the game (this is the part of the match, where majority of cruisers died, because they were too trigger happy) and manage to reach safe position, you can be pretty big threat.

I played Graf Spee, just because of one reason, I wanted to have fun and in those games where you ended up with 3 cruisers in both teams, it was really fun, but in BB heavy games, it struggled a bit, if they didn´t allow you to get close enough and torp them.

Budyonny worked okish, it has good damage potential and radar can spot DD, but with only 1 DD per side, it doesn´t have as big value as in last tier 5 season, so Dallas is probably better alternative.

London and Exeter maybe good picks thanks smoke and 203mm guns, which can deal with basically everything, though I don´t have any of them, so I am mentioning them here, just cause maybe they may work for someone.

*mostly because of high BB count and tier 5 cruisers, not having such great utility as the ones on tier 6(not even speaking about tier 7)


list of priorities:

  1. create crossifre against enemy team*
  2. kill cruisers
  3. shoot on DD, if it gets spotted(even one over pen helps)
  4. waste enemy time, especially, if you have WtR

*this is pretty important, as it forces enemy BBs to show braodside to someone from your team, so they can get damage more easily, prefferably fast BBs or BBs with okish mobility and ability to overmatch are good for this.

Battleships were quite easy to play for me, though position matters in this season more then ever, because if you make use of all your health effectively and manage to get enemy into bad spot, you can even carry lost game, smaller amount of players means, that brawling is sort of allowed.

Most important factor with BBs, is probably main battery caliber, if you have 356mm guns or smaller, you are looking for broadsides or superstructure of bow tanking BBs, if you have 380mm guns or bigger, you don´t care about majority of ships armor, as only Izmail and Bayern have ability to bow tank you to some extent.

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I played Warspite, because of very good accuracy and ability to overmatch, plus "improved" heal helps with tanking of damage quite a bit.

My tries with Dunkerque were entertaining, as I had absolutely anti-ranked build with Guepratte, which allowed me to be nice tanki distraction, but but with amount of overmatching BBs (West Virginia, Mutsu, Queen Elizabeth, Warspite), it really suffers heavily, if you don´t keep moving and even if you don´t use islands correctly, you won´t tank much, so you are basically oversized matchmaking dependent cruiser.

And last BB thing, if you see BB low on HP, please get near her, I managed to save so many games, just with keeping teammate alive(I was running AL Hood as commander, so no WtR abuse from my side, but I had 4 heals, instead of 3 with fully accuracy spec, so didn´t really need it) and teamplay wins these games.

What would I change?

I will be honest here, not much, 5v5 is perfect, no star saving just rewards consistent play and gets players to be less selfish(Especially so called "DD mains" and "kiting masters"), there is just one thing:

More safe ranks:

Safe ranks in the middle of each league, would be welcome.

I don´t think, that cap on BBs would fix the cruiser problem, as it was mostly bad cruiser play, which got them punished, although you can say "there are three BBs waiting for me to shoot, what I am supposed to do?" Solution isn´t really simple and natural, but better trigger discipline, when you shoot, helps quite a bit and understanding of the map plays very big role as well and from time to time, there were cruiser heavy matches as well.

Thanks for reading

As I was kind of testing out stuff on the way, I had just 63% winrate, but as far as you are having fun and keep playing as good as you can, you will be making progress and having funand that is what counts, though try to play ships, which you can handle and try to look on your plays instead of your teammates, usually one simple sailing in front of the island and unneed loss of HP looses the game.

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TLDR: This season is fun, just forget that it is ranked and enjoy is at limited time event.

PS: feel free to share your opinion bellow(and if something, feel free to ask)



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