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Why fighting CVs sucks imo

Content of the article: "Why fighting CVs sucks imo"

For the sake of a thought experiment I took the T8 IJN CV Shokaku and the T8 KM BB Bismarck. Shokaku for being a CV with rather low HP planes and the Bismarck as a very likely AP bomb target. The Shokaku attacks with DBs. Both the Bombers as well as the Bismarck Hull are fully upgraded (no captain skills or modifications as this can heavily vary/ but more due to the fact the the DB HP can be buffed directly in multiple ways and I'd wager it would shift the balance to the CVs benefit to do that)

The Shokakus DBs have 1,650HP each and fly in squadrons of 9 giving it a total of 14,850HP.

The Bismarck posses 3 constant DPS auras.

  • 287 DPS at 2km (≈6 seconds) with 70% ACC
  • 178 DPS at 3.5km with (≈10 seconds) 75% ACC
  • 161 DPS at 5.2km with (≈15 seconds) 75% ACC

I will assume that the CV needs around 15 seconds to get from 5.2km to the ship and will stay on on side to give the Bismarck the full benefit of the reinforced sector bonus resulting in initially 520 dmg to the first plane.

The total DMG dealt to the squadron is calculated in this case:

DPS X Seconds in the bubble X Accuracy X Reeinforcement Bonus

During the first 5 seconds the AA ramps up to the 35% damage bonus. Assuming it is somewhat linear I counted it for a 17.5% bonus during that time:

161 X 5 X 0.75 X 1.175 ≈ 709

For the rest of the long range bubble the full 35% bonus damage applies:

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161 X 10 X 0.75 X 1.35 ≈ 1,630

The entire mid-range bubble benefits the full 35% bonus as well:

178 X 10 X 0.75 X 1.35 ≈ 1,802

Same for the short range bubble:

287 X 6 X 0.7 X 1.35 ≈ 1,627

All of these added together as well as the instantanious damage results in around 6288 damage dealt to the squadron prior to dropping the ordance in average. Resulting in 3 planes being shot down and one being reduced to 20% of its HP.

Dependent on luck and the CVs skill the flak explosions MAY cause major damage but that is very uncertain and can hardly be relied on.

The result will be if the planes are recalled and we assume that the 20% HP plane dies that the CV has lost 4-6 planes (if we also add some flak explosion damage). The Bismarck has been completely unable to stop the strike and more importantly cause any major dent in the CVs airplane reserve as there are 14 DBs "on deck". For a squadron of 9 that results in losing at best a single plane with an unmodified restoration time of 76 seconds.

Even assuming multiple ships were involved the DPS still wouldn't be enough to stop the strike with certainty and would just result in a longer wait time for the CV to restore planes of the single type. While still being able to go outskilling some DDs with rockets.

Not being able to stop a strike is annoying but somewhat understandable for the CV players sake. But considering that the enemy CV is barely inconvenienced at best even when you do everything in your power (not much other then reinforce and turn) to counter him is quite disheartening.

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While it is true that covering each other with AA sounds like a good and fun idea it doesn't really work because the CV will just strike the outermost ship (outside of most AA-bubbles) and insta-recall the planes rinse and repeat. Not even mentioning that this results in shitty positioning, reduced map coverage, hardly achievable in randoms and is just asking for being just torped.

In case I overlooked sth I am sorry. But this did make sense to me when i wrote it.

TLDR: In most cases you can choose a fight. When you see a certain ship that counters you you can use smart positioning and maneuvering like keeping your distance, staying behind islands or keep turning/accelerating/decelerating at seemingly random times. But a CV just circumvents most kinds of counters by being able to ignore any kind of positioning. And the AA is incapable of dealing any kind of lasting damage.


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