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Why WG hate Yamato that much?

I really don't understand, why WG butchered that yamato like this? I played the entire IJN line and by so far yamato is the worst at its tier. I tried so hard adapting and trying new tactics but there is no way to enjoy this or be better with it, here is a list of how yamato is butchered:

1- The horrific dispersion: before i unlock the yamato, I saw on forums that it is the most accurate BB in tierX, however, when you try it, it has that steep verticle dispersion, its so painful to land hits on angled ships with such dispersion because your salvos will simply fall slightly higher and lower than the angled ship

2- yamato is a matchstick: yes i get it you want to nerf yamato, but not like this, even one shell is enough to ignite your ship directly after you just damage controlled the fire

3- The excessive overpenetration: almost every other ship is faster than yamato, yamato maneuverability is really bad, yes it has big guns to offset this but whats the point of big guns with a very high probability of overpen, cruisers can just run around torching you to crisp while all you can get is 1450 damage per salvo. sometimes i even get overpen vs other BBs

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4- slow turrets: its turrets are really slower than a turtle

5- super unagile

6- pointless long range: together with its dispersion and overpen problem, you will feel very happy to land a 15s salvo inb4 you get disappointed by overpens or scattered shells around the targeted ship

If you all agree on this list, that means that yamato is full of disadvantages that overcome its advantages so hard, yes you got big hits vs other BBs but with this dispersion and overpen problem all you got left is play by daring, but how can you do daring with smolensk/ minotaur/salem lurking around waiting to grind 150k damage by torching you. Something really broken with yamato in a way i can't describe it accurately.


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