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World of Warships 5th Anniversary Community Wallpaper

Content of the article: "World of Warships 5th Anniversary Community Wallpaper"

I wanted to post the image but unfortunately, it's 20.2MB and Reddit allows 20 MB max. So you have to go to a google drive link to see/download it. Below is an explanation of the image, I just wanted to provide context so people didn't think the link was malicious or anything.


So normally at big milestones in a videogame, the art team for the game will make a wallpaper celebrating the milestone of the game with the logo and the number of years and some nice visuals to go with it. However, WG's art department hasn't done so yet, which I assume comes from them having a lot on their plate considering the holiday season is coming up shortly and they have a lot of artwork to get done for our various holiday ritual game modes and events we all know are coming back around via tradition. So I decided "hey, why not make my own".

So I grabbed the WOWS unpacker from the mod section of my regional forums (NA) and ripped various GUI elements out of the game. I then went to the wiki and grabbed the pictures of the ships.

The goal was to create a wallpaper that was for everyone. No matter who you are or how long you played the game, there was something on there that you could look back to and say "hey, I remember that". I will say I wish I had better-defined pictures of the ships, considering I could only fit so many on the wallpaper, but I did my best. This took me 3 hours to make, and it wasn't easy. Taking a 1920×1080 white document and putting 5 years of history on it isn't an easy task. I will admit that it looks rather scrap-bookey and that a 5-year-old with a crayon and a kilo of cocaine could probably do a better job, but I wanted to brush up on some Adobe Illustrator skills.

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I hope everyone enjoys this wallpaper, and that people will use it to not only decorate their computer desktop but to reminisce back to the days when XYZ was going on. It should invoke memories, bring joy, and make you smile.

Oh, one more thought before I leave you all to bring out your inner art critic. The captains at the bottom are raised so when you use the wallpaper they do not get cut off by your taskbar. Different monitors and screen setups might make this look funny. Also the image is 1920×1080 as stated earlier, so if you have a 4k monitor or are one of those fancy people with a QLED 8k TV yes this is going to look like an Atari game threw up all over your screen.

Good luck and fair seas everyone!


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