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World of Warships Written How To Guide:Bourgogne

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Well following my first guide featuring Thunderer i decided to showcase my favourite tier 10 BB,the french battleship Bourgogne.

You thought Thunderer is the most powerful BB but…

Is Bourgogne a Jojo reference?

This ship has been often overlooked and misplayed despite ranking number 1 in terms of win rate and damage among all the other tier 10 battleships in the game,it was the ship with highest average damage in the game untill FDR appeared.


Bourgogne was the 4th planned Alsace class battleship of the Marine Nationale of France,alongside Alsace, Flandre and Normandie. In World of Warships it feautres Alsaces No 3 design(3×4 380mm guns),(correct me if i am wrong)and you can currently obtain it for 30 000 **Steel.**Most of the ship is identical to it's tier 9 sister however it uses the French 127mm guns as it's secondaries unlike the 100mm ones found on Alsace. In my opinion this ship is the most versatile battleship in the game(currently) and the funniest of them all.If there are any captains struggling to play her i hope this guide can help you. 😀

Parameter Analysis

Let's take a look of what is in store for you once you get the ship.

  • Survivability(94)
  1. Bourgogne sits at the lowest HP pool of all tier 10 Battleships at 74 700 points,lower than Thunderer's and Conqueror's 82 900 points.
  2. You have an impressive torpedo protection of 44% putting this ship at the higher end in terms of torpedo protection only beaten by Kremlin's 46% and Yamato's/Shikishima's 55%.

You are one of the squishiest ships at tier 10.

  • Artillery(95):Main Battery

  1. Bourgogne has Alsace's 12 380mm guns placed in Three Quadruple turrets, two in the front,one in the back however with greatly improved values.
  2. Bourgogne has 1.8 Sigma value which means that your shots will be more consistent,this value is better than Alsace's pre nerf sigma of 1,7.However your gun accuracy will still troll you at times.(NOTE:Sigma value does not influence the dispersion radius of your guns just how consistently the shells will go towards the middle of the radius!)
  3. With all benefits applied your main battery reload is reduced to 24,6 seconds which makes the Bourgogne the 12-gun battleship with the highest rate of fire in the game (not including the reload booster here)
  4. Turret traverse is 45 seconds(pretty average),nothing special here.
  5. You have 63mm of HE penetrations(380 divided by 6),you can pen the deck armor of all battleships except Pommern and Freidrich der Grosse.
  6. AP alpha damage is pretty low but that is to be expected since you have the smallest caliber of all T10 BBs in the game.
  7. You have a very good 24.3 km of range
  8. Bourgogne shells have an amazing 830m/s velocity beating Kremlin but 10m/s less than Republique,however keep in mind that because of the small caliber your shells will slow down at longer ranges due to the air drag.
  9. You have the lowest AP penetration of all tier 10 Battleships

Guns may not look impressive,but they are.

the site is

  • Artillery(95):Secondary Battery

  1. Bourgogne features the French 127mm guns found on the Marceau and Colbert,they have a pretty good 4 seconds of reload.The ship carries 8 turres with 2 guns each,4 on either side.
  2. Bourgogne also had 3×3 152mm guns,2 turrets in the back 1 in the front.
  3. You have a standard 7.9km range, 1km less than republiques secondary armament

In the end i will not cover secondaries that much because even though the secondaries are decent the ship is too squishy to be able to get in secondary range and survive a significant ammount of time for the secondaries to have any effect.Please do not take secondaries 😛

  • AA Defense(95)
  1. You have a pretty good mid range aura of 494 DPS
  2. you have a decent ammount of flak explosions (8 of them)Note:Flak only exists untill the planes reach 3,5 km from the ship,after that it is just visuals not effective damage

In the end if a CV wants to ruin your day he will ruin your day 🙁

  • Manuevrability(45)
  1. Bourgogne has the highest stock speed of all tier 10 Battleships of 32 knots.
  2. You would think for being the smallest of all Tier X BBs you would turn fast but WG said Nada.You have a mediocre 910meters of Turning Circle
  3. Rudder shift time is a pretty decent value of 16.6 seconds

  • Concealment(44)

Your detectability at range by sea(with all benefits applied) sits at a pretty good 13,2 km.


Since Bourgogne is a ship reliant on it's consumables to perform it's role we are going to take a look at them and give a few examples of when it is time to use them.

  • Damage Control Party:If you are playing this game for some time you should know about how to use it,this is mostly for newer players.
  1. Do not use it when you are set on fire in one spot,if you are under continous focus by High Explosive shells wait untill you are set on fire in multiple sections to effectively use it,i recommend also trying to escape from this situation so you will not get set on fire again.
  2. If you are on fire but you manage to disengage/escape from the ships focusing you then use it.
  • Repair Party:pretty standard heal,you can heal more of your ship if you have been focused by HE and fires since they are 100% healable,in comparison AP penetrations are only 50% healable and citadel hits are only 10%.
  • **Main Battery Reload Booster(*****Here comes the fun):***For 20 seconds your main battery will reload 2 times faster,cutting Bourgognes reload time to 11,8 seconds,time it properly and you can spit 36 shells in around 30 seconds.I will show some 2 scenarios where you can use it more effectively:
  1. AP:Since battleships are oppurtunistic ships designed to punish mistakes and assert map control,to maximize your AP performance in this ship,you want to wait untill your enemy shows broadside and then utilize the Reload Booster,it is ideally used when you are reloading and your guns will not be ready in time to punish the enemy ship or when you manage to get a broadside of a ship you know will not angle towards you soon.
  2. HE:If you are forced to kite the enemy ships and you do not have any other option besides HE,the idea way to utilize MBRB in this scenario is to set a fire(s) and wait for the enemy to use the Damage Control on them to repair them,then follow up with 36 more HE shells in 30 seconds and you will set him perma fires.
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Those are some basic situations you can use the most out of this consumable,there are other situations too but they depend mostly on how the match unfolds.

  • Engine Boost:By default this consumable lasts up to 3 minutes however with the improved modification which you can obtain from the Armory you can make it last up to 4 minutes,this is a very important consumable because it can help you reach 39 knots in a BB(absurd) and i will discuss it in the playstysle section of this guide but i will give you 3 important uses for it:
  1. Reaching a flank fast enough to surprise your enemy,going to the flanks and creating a crossfire on the enemy ships there is perhaps the most effective style to play it(more on that later).
  2. Running around at medium range to effectively avoid the enemy shots,this is how you "tank" in this ship
  3. Kiting.

Armor Layout

I am not going to go into every little detail about the armor scheme i will just showcase what is important and relevant to perform more efficiently in this boat.

  • Deck Armor:From Bow to Stern you have 32mm all over the board and that means HE spammers love to shoot at you so you might want to be careful with overextending,since you will be punished heavily

  • Citadel:You have a citadel sitting above the waterline HOWEVER it is protected by a French turtleback which means you will not be eating citadels oftenNOTE:Since you have no icebreaker on the bow this means that theoretically Yamato/Shikishima and Musashi can citadel you through the nose!

Citadel height


Turrets:You have the infamous "break all the time" French turrets,when engaging in close quarters fights you want to use your Damage Control Party wisely to make sure the turrets survive throughout the engagement.Alternatively you want to try to angle them away from the target to make sure the enemy AP shells bounce off the side plating of the turrets.The reason for their squishyness is the frontal armor not being slopped enough.

The frontal plating of the turrets is 430mm


This is what i prefer and recommend(Upgrades displayed in the order shown in the game UI,from left to right)

  • Main Armament Modification 1(1st Spot):Standard,particulary useful on this ship because of the fragile turrets
  • **Engine Boost Modification 1(2nd Spot):**Speed is an essential aspect of the gamestyle of this ship so having extra duration Speed Boost is always a win.(You can obtain this for coal in the Armory)
  • **Aiming Systems Modification 1(3rd Spot):**Standard,more accurate your guns the better
  • **Damage Control Modification 2(4th Spot):**Standard for me,i always prefer resistance to Damage Over Time effects on a Battleship
  • **Concealment Systems Modification 1(5th Spot):**Standard,besides being passive "tanking" concealment can also allow you to set up ambushes and surprise people.
  • **Main Battery Modification 3(6th Spot):**More DAKKA,reload always good.

Captain Skills

This is what i would recommend using(Take the skills in the order shown below)

  • **Priority Target:**As i said on my Thunderer guide,knowing how many ships are aiming at you can help you determine if you want to play more agressive or more safe,also if a DD is hunting you and the indicator number drops by 1 it means he is using his torpedo tubes and that you are being torped,with this information you can take evasive manuevers earlier
  • **Adrenaline Rush:**Losing Health doesnt seem so bad anymore,if you lose 50% of your health you gain 10% reload
  • **Superintedent:**Since Bourgogne relies on it's consumables to maximize it's efficiency having and extra of each is always good.
  • **Concealment Expert:**Concealment is passive tanking and it also allows you to ambush people
  • **Fire Prevention:**10% less risk of catching a fire+reduces the maximum ammount of fires you can have at the same time from 4 to 3,very important
  • **Basics of Survivability:**Greatly reduces the durations of floods and fires and considering you have the lowest HP pool of all T10 BBs you want to conserve as much HP as possible for later in the match(NOTE:This does not mean you need to play super passive,it means you need to play smart)
  • **Expert Marksman:**Because i do not like 45 seconds turret traverse on my Battleships.

How To Use

The part you all probably have been waiting for:how to use this ship.

Now first of all i want to summarize certain aspects that define the gamestyle of this ship before going deep into each playstyle and positioning.

  • Summary
  1. Bourgogne is a medium range ship with a high degree of versatility,the combination of immense firepower through the pure ammount of shells you can throw combined with the highest Battleship speed at tier 10 makes it a glass cannon capable of delivering a devastating blow on any part of the map with relative ease.
  2. The playstyle of this is ship is a very active one,you want to reposition where you are needed,either pushing and forcing the enemy to collapse or kiting an enemy charge to prevent them obtaining map control,your playstyle should change depending on how to game unfolds because of this versatility i consider the ship to be the most powerful battleship in the game and if played right you can influence the outcome of the game.

For this guide i have decided to split this chapter(How To Use It) into 2 sections:Playstyle and Positioning each with with examples.Let's jump into it!!


Bourgogne is a ship that is not specialized in any field,it is a Jack of All Trades and Master of None,this is why i consider it to have a high skill requirement and many people struggle with it,depending on how the events in your match unfold you will need to change your playstyle to help your team.TLDR:The ability to adapt to each situation is the key to success

  • KitingKiting is the tactic where you are actively running away from the enemy and dodging their shells,this tactic is ideal if you want to delay the enemy buying your team time and trying to stop an enemy push so that your opponents will not obtain map control and crossfires on your teammates.Note:You want to sit at ranges above 15 km when kiting.

First Usage:If the flank you are positioned in collapses your team is forced to abandon it,you want to start kiting.Most of the time the enemy team will push through that flank trying to obtain map control and crossfires on your teammates,your objective is to be a pain in the butt for any enemy ships trying to make an agressive play,most of the time the enemy will be angled in towards you and you will have to rely on your HE to do the job.The purpose of this is to buy your team time to recover and be able to hold off the enemy push.

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!(05kpwj3e1d961 " ")

Second Usage:Some enemies will be commited into taking you down however this can be a good thing,you can force the enemy ship(s) to overextend and put them in a bad position,not only making them an easier target for your team's Aircraft Carrier to pick them off but also for you to wither them down because this ship is an excellent witherer,(Look at the consumables tab about using the reload booster wisely)

  • Mid Range SnipingThis is best used at the beginning of the match,the idea is you should head for the flanks or for the center of the map and try to sit around 15-17km away from the enemy while using AP/HE(depending on the situation),this is the intermediate playstyle that sits between push and kite.From this you can either push or kite(again,depends)

NOTE:This is a very flexibile playstyle(even though it's more of a positioning)

  • Pushing/SpearheadingIn this scenariom,you will use your massive firepower to force the enemy flank to collapse and secure it for your team,afterwards you must reposition closer towards the middle and create a crossfire with your teammates on the other flank.However when pushing in you do not want to be in the literal front.You want to go wide on the flank you are in and create a crussfire while your teammates push the enemy directly from the front.There are few conditions to be met before you can consider playing agressively in a bourgogne since it can not tank.

NOTE:There are times where you can be in the front of the push but only when they have way fewer ships present than your team.Essentially you want to be the final nail in the coffin

Here are the conditions that should be met(not necessarily all of them but at least 1 or 2)that can help increase the odds of success(and survival) of your agressive play:

  1. There is no significant DD threat:Either their DDs on this flank have been killed or are running,easy way to keep DDs away from torping you to death would be to have a radar cruiser on your flank or ask the CV to find and strike their DD(sorry DD mains :P)
  2. You are not getting relentlessly focused by kiting cruisers:I do not need to stress it out enough,due to the squishyness of this ship,if there are enemy cruisers focusing you down and setting you on fire you might want to disegage and go back into mid range.
  3. You have some degree of teammate Battleship support:Having someone else to take some(preferably most)of the shots would relieve a lot of pressure from you,ideally you do not want to be the one who initiates the agressive play,you want to be the one who deals the heaviest blow.


As i said before,positioning is the most important aspect of this game,learning to position according to the flow of events in your match can be the difference between victory and defeat.

  • **Central Position(Middle cap or in between Mid and Side cap)**This position is suitable if you are an oppurtunistic citadel hunter,you position yourself somewhere in the middle and pay attention to the minimap for anyone showing broadside.Bourgogne has fast shells which means shooting over long distances should be fairly easy to do,however the dispersion can be trolly some of the times and the penetration is pretty bad so you might be forced to reposition towards the flanks.
Pros Cons
Flexible:Allows you to reposition fast where you are needed the most. Wanky dispersion and Penetration means your shots can be frustrating ineffective at time.
Highly effective due to the creation of crossfires. Low HP pool and armor means that you have to abandon this position if you are getting focused .
Ability to shoot enemy broadsides with ease. Not possible to utilize on every map
  • Flank Pusher/KiterFor this position you want to go wide on a flank of your choice and surprise the enemy,the whole idea behind this is to create a crossfire between your team trying to get the cap and you going wide,you have a 3 minute speed boost you can use to get there first and be a nasty surprise for your opponents.This position has worked the best for me,because of the speed repositioning towards the middle after i win the flank is fairly easy so i do not have to sit out of the fight.

Pros Cons
Works on all maps Does not have all that much flexibility,if your team wins the flank you will have to wait a bit to reposition closer to the enemy.
Mid to Short range engagement->Guns more reliable Not that easy to create crossfires.
Less focus fire from the enemy At the start you will not be able to shoot broadsides all that easy.
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I would like to write 3 scenarios that are most likely to happen when taking this position

  1. You smash the enemy team on this flank and you reposition towards the middle,the other flank is on a stalemate,you move in to create a crossfire with your team on the other flank.
  2. You win this flank for your team however your teammates have died on the other flank,so now you are forced to fight for the dominance of the middle cap so you can have the advantage,usually the enemy will push towards the middle cap so you want to kite them and delay the push so your DDs have time to cap.If it is you team that is pushing the middle cap then you want to go wide and get crossfires on the enemy ships defending.
  3. Your team gets overwhelmed on your flank and you are forced to kite to buy your team some time.


Have you gotten tired of getting rammed and have your game ended early,well i am here to help,i will showcase the 2 most possible scenarios that can happen when doing a Drive-By.

I consider this ship to be the Drive-By Queen because:

  1. You have a speed of 39knots(speed boost included) so the enemy will struggle to get the ram on you if you turn in time.
  2. You have a turtleback so getting citadeled and devstruck is pretty difficult(not impossibe)

Here are the 2 most commong scenarios:

  • Drive by to Ram :In this scenario you want to do the drive by but the enemy ship wants to ram so first of all you have to anticipate the ram,to avoid it you need to turn our a fair bit and show some degree of broadisde,next step is to lock your guns towards your stern. So usually you want his predicted ram to land on your middle section of the ship,after that you can start turning towards him and use that inertia to make sure your stern remains untouched ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) **) so now you will end up with you ship at around 45 degrees angle from the bow of the enemy ship,unlock your turrets from their bearing and get your free devstrike(i will try to post a video example of it)**NOTE:Because of the squishyness of the turrets,make sure your guns are loaded,and use DCP only in the last moment( in case your guns broke earlier!)
  • Drive-By to Drive-By:In this scenario the enemy battleship is also going for a drive by,here are some tips that can give you an advantage:
  1. At least moment turn your ship towards the enemy.Since you know the opponent is not interested in ramming you,you can fake a ram at the last moment in order to angle your ship,and avoid taking significant damage.
  2. You do not need a perfect 90 degree angle to hit the enemys citadel.I have gotten citadels on things like Kremlin in Bourgogne even when his citadel was angled around 30 degrees from my forward turrets.


Bourgogne is a highly versatile but yet weakly protected Battleship that relies on it's absurd speed to survive by dodging incoming shells,most of the time you want to sit at medium ranges and frequently switch between HE and AP,the key for success is being able to adapt to any situation.In the end,Bourgogne is just an Oversized Cruiser

Note:This is not a step by step guide,this is basic knowledge in which you can start forming your own style to play this ship,experiment with different tactics and see which ones works out the best for you.I just hope my information served as the foundation.

I hope you liked this guide,if there are things i forgot i will edit the post and add them,i am also sorry i could not include more pictures in this,reddit has a 20 image limit per post,i will also try to find video footage of some drive bys.

I also plan to start featuring Tech tree ships during the week and premium ships during weekends.Sorry for any spelling mistakes.Feedback is appreciated :)Thank you for reading. 😀


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