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Hello there, i am back with yet another Tier 10 ship,the former tech tree Russian cruiser Moskva, removed from among the silver ships in update 0.9.5 and since then placed in the Armory and can be obtained with around 250k coal.

I would also like to add that i will experiment with creating a standard template for my guides

Moskva is the Mother of all BALANS cruisers in the game and it's release marked the beginning of the era of Russian Cruisers dominating Clan Battles.

Low Effort,But you get the idea.


A few words about the ship:Moskva is a long range specialist,with a flexible array of tools to work on,it is not as overspecialized in one domain as Alexander Nevsky or Petropavlovsk and as result it offers way more flexibility to it's captain.I consider it to be fun mostly because it can be a challenging ship at time and it will punish anyone who misplays her. I hope this guide will help you enjoy her to the maximum and climb the leaderboards with her.She is my second favourite cruiser in the game.

Moskva is the Mother of all BALANS cruisers in the game and it's release marked the beginning of the era of Russian Cruisers dominating Clan Battles.

I consider her to be a strong ship with a fair ammount of utility.Let's get into it!

Parameter Analysis

Let's see what this ship is all about

  • Survivability(84)
  1. Moskva sits at an impressive 65 400 HP points,making it the cruiser with the highest HP pool out of all tech tree cruiser.(Don't get hyped :P)
  2. You have an impressive Torpedo Protection of 28% about the same as some battleships

Overall,Pretty good so far.

  • Artillery(84)
  1. Moskva features 9 220mm guns places in 3 tripple turrets, 2 in the front 1 in the back.The infamous Russian heavy cruiser guns.
  2. You have an amazing 19,4 km of range.
  3. Moskva has a decent 10,3 seconds of reload.
  4. Moskva HE shells have a pretty good 17% Fire chance making it a decent HE spammer,however you want to switch between ammo types for maximum efficiency. Due to the gun caliber you have 37mm of HE penetration, unfortunately you are 1mm short of penning High Tier American Battleships.
  5. Moskva AP is some of the best at long range because of a combination of a good 5800 Alpha Damage(Citadel damage) and some of the best AP penetration amongst tier 10 cruisers.
  6. An incredible shell velocity of 985 meters/second means you will not struggle to hit targets at 19km.

Only beated by Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk.

I am using the legendary mod so my range is 21.0 km

  • AA Defense(85)
  1. Moskva has a pretty mediocre 214 continous damage in it's mid range aura. You will not be scaring any CVs.
  2. A pretty good flak salvo of 6 explosions with 1820 damage each and a 90% hit change,also with increased range compared to most ships.
  3. You have the Russian AA range of 6.6 km

  • Manuevrability(52)
  1. You have an impressive 34.5 knots of speed,equal to Zao and beated by Henri IV,Alexander Nevsky and Venezia(unsurprisngly
  2. You have an outrageous 1050 meters of turning circle,this thing turns like a truck.
  3. You have a pretty decent 10,9 seconds of rudder shift

  • Concealment(45)

You have an ATROCIOUS 14.1 km of Surface Detectability,you will get ouspotted by some Battleships at tier 10,You have the worst concealment of all tier 10 tech tree cruisers by a siginificant marging(Might aswell be classified as BB)


  1. Damage Control Party:Standard cruiser DCP,nothing special on it,if you are on fire you ideally want to use it when you have multiple fires and/or safe from getting additional fires after it's effect expires.
  2. Hydroaccustic Search/Defensive AA Fire(2nd Spot):Standard Hydro,3.5 km torpedo detection and 5 km ship detection.Defensive AA is standard aswell, Extra 50% Continous Damage and 300% Flak Explosion Damage.NOTE:I personally recommend running hydroaccustic but in the end it is up to you,depends on what bothers you more,DDs or CVs
  3. Surveillance Radar:12 kilometer Russian Radar with a 30 second duration,however because of the terrible concealment of the ship i recommend you use it as a defense area against Destroyers rather than a tool to hunt them,since they will outspot you 2 kilometers before you get in range to use it and most likely they will just run.
  4. Repair Party:Standard,ideally you want to use it after you get damaged by DoTs(Fires/Floods) and HE because it can repair 100% of them.Also rams are 100% repairable aswell.

Armor Layout

This is where the suffering really begins.

Since there is more than usual to say about Moskva's armor i will split it in more categories than in the previous guide

Bow Armor(25mm feat. 50mm Icebreaker)

Moskva has 25mm of plating on it's nose typical to all high tier russian cruisers.However on the lower half of the nose Moskva features 50mm of plating that is an extension of the Citadel's armor designed to protect the ship from being Overmatched through the nose and citadeled.It is the reason why Moskva can be extremely tanky when Bow-in.

Middle Section Deck Armor(50mm)

Moskva has a very good 50mm of deck armor on it's middle section, as result making it immune to most cruiser HE shells in the game.

Citadel(155 mm)

Well it is time to cry like Joseph Joestar did when Caesar died.

Moskva features an extremely elevated citadel,often believed to rival Mount Everest due to it's height. It sits way above the waterline above 50% of the total broadside of the ship. This is the reason a lot of people misplay her and you need to learn to play around your concealment to avoid getting shot in the citadel otherwise you will be taking the quickest Port Express there has ever been.The thickness of the citadel armor is 155mm,which is about the same the Des Moines citadel armor.

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Taller than Mt.Everest,Can be seen from the Moon.

Stern Armor(25 mm)

The stern of the ship is way more vulnerable than the bow,if you are forced to run and be Stern-In you want to try and dodge the incoming shells.Most of the stern is covered in 25mm with a thickened part near the propellers and the rudder,this armor is an extension of the citadel armor.

Note:I will not mention Turrets because there is not anything special regarding them.


  • Main Armaments Modification 1(Slot 1):Standard,there is no better alternative.Tanky turrets is always good on a cruiser.
  • Surveillance Radar Modification 1(Slot 2):Extra radar duration means more utility means you can be more efficient supporting your battleships and helping the team overall.
  • Aiming Systems Modification 1(Slot 3) :Moskva is a ship with powerful AP and having better dispersion is helpful into punishing unaware cruisers
  • **Damage Control Systems Modification 2(Slot 4):**On most cruisers i prefer propulsion however because this ship is designed to be able to tank damage and contest areas towards the mid game i prefer less fires.
  • Concealment Systems Modification(Slot 5):Moskva has a horrendous concealment to begin with,so you want to try to reduce it as much as possible,the idea behind this is you do not want to get permanent spotted and pinned down,because of the high citadel this ship has a HARD time disengaging from a fight.
  • Extended Main Battery Effective Range(Slot 6):This is Moskvas Unique Upgrade which you can currently obtain from the Research Bureau.Alternatively use Main Battery Modification 3.I like this more because it gives extra range and dispersion allowing Moskva to be more efficient with it's AP when it comes to punishing broadsides.

Captain Skills

For this category i will recommend 2 sets of skills depending on what you want to focus more on this ship:TANK BUILD:

  • Priority Target:Having infortmation on how many people are aiming at you can help you determine if you want to play more safe or more agressive,it is also a good skill to determine when you are being torped(if the indicator drops by 1 while being chased by a DD it means it is using it's torpedo tubes and thus torping you)so you can take evasive manuevers earlier.
  • **Adrenaline Rush:**Faster reload when taking damage and you WILL take damage
  • **Superintedent:**Extra Heal,Hydro and Radar.Always good
  • **Concealment Expert:**Concealment is always good especially on this ship.
  • **Fire Prevention :**If you want to play agressive and tank this is the skill for you.
  • **Basics of Survivability:**This enhances Fire Prevention's effect
  • **Jack of All Trades:**If you want to push there might be DDs trying to torp you,having faster reloading hydro and radar will help you counter them.


  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintedent
  • Concealment Expert
  • Demolition Expert:Higher fire chance to ruin a Battleships day!
  • Expert Marksman:I found that you tend to switch broadsides pretty frequently when kiting away,so i recommend this skill for kiting
  • Expert Loader:Switching ammunition faster will help you catch of guard cruisers who think they are safe just because you are far away
  • Basics of Survivability

Basic Tips

This is going to be a category i will feature on all my guides from now on,here i will discuss some basic things to look out for when playing this ship,rules of thumb to say so.

  • Moskva is a long range cruiser,with a great capacity to tank damage when angled,you want to sit at range and kite for the early stages of the match, if you get an oppurtunity to push in with teammate support Moskva can shine,the most important role Moskva can play when pushing is a DD deterrent,you want the threat of your Radar to scare any DDs trying to torp your battleships,if they are not smart enough you will catch them and kill them.
  • It is very important to switch ammunition types when you get broadsides.Moskva has a rather poor DPM and a good fire chance,however if you rely only on HE your results will not be as good as they could be,Moskva HE takes time to build up damage,HE focused ships rely on having incredible HE parameters to pump out damage,Moskva lacks behind in this domain.You want to switch to AP when you get broadside Battleships or Cruisers,this is key as this ship has very good accuracy and shell grouping meaning you will often be able to citadel cruiser from absurd ranged and get reliable chunks of damage of Battleships.Note:Aim for Battleship upper belt and Superstrucutre otherwise your AP shells will shatter.
  • At the start of the game try to get a bit closer to the cap to give a basic rule to follow:If the cap you are heading in has an island inside that is blocking vision you want to go as close as your radar can cover it entirely,do not do this if the cap is in open water.
  • When the engagement starts you want to be angled away and ready to run,it is important you are angled away towards the the side end of the map,never towards the middle.
  • Try to conserve your HP at the start because even though Moskva is a tanky ship it gets an absurd ammount of focus fire,people would rather shoot you than a broadside battleship 10km closer to them.
  • This is an important one:When pushing in do not ever go exactly Nose-In,keep a 20 degree angle towards your enemy,Moskva can still be overmatched through the upper nose and be chunked by AP penetrations
  • When angled in and using the 3rd turret there is a possibility you will get citadeled
  • If you want to contest an area and you choose to utilize Moskvas tankiness in a static position always find an island to cover your broadside and make sure you have room to reverse and go dark if situation will force you too(will discuss this down furter).
  • Avoid getting spotted while nose in in the start of the fight,Moskva can not turn and disengage in time once spotted,you will be forced to reverse while nose in to the enemy and as i mentioned you will get focused heavily and eventually killed,you want to play a bit safe at the start.
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In this chapter i will analyze the ways you can play and utlize Moskva,ideally you want to switch between them depending on the situation you are facing.

  • Kiting


This is a very popular cruiser tactic and Moskva is no exeption when it comes to kiting.Because of the vulnerablity of the ship coupled with the ammount of focus fire it gets,i recommend you spent the start of the game at range and kiting,by this you make yourself a less appealing target while also gives you room for disengaging.I would like to note that Moskva by default has a big issue when it comes to disengaging from a fight,because of the huge concealment you will struggle to go dark.

I recommend you play safe and kite at the start of the game,your Objective should be withering down enemy ships with HE,punishing broadsides with AP and shooting any DDs that have been spotted.To give you a rule of thumb as to how close to the cap to position to the start of the game:If there is an island in the middle of the cap,make sure your radar covers the entire cap when you are stern-in to the enemy,this way you can bring utility while also being flexible enough to disengage(I mentioned this above too but this is the category it belongs too).

NOTE:As i said in my Bourgogne guide,depending on how the game evolves you can decide to turn around and push in assuming the oppurtunity has arised or want to continue kiting to delay an enemy push.NOTE 2:Kiting can serve as a defensive gamestyle but it is not as effective as being nose in near a key point(using island as cover too.)

Another thing i would like to note,you want to be close enough to support your DDs but also be far enough to avoid significant damage,this takes a bit of practice.Another thing i would like to point out,if in the picture above i would be stuck nose in i would rely on my teamates to come and drive off the enemy as i could not disengage but in this scneario i am not depedent on them and i can run and disengage whenever i want.TLDR:You have more flexibility.

  • Nose-In tanking Pushing/Defending


This is the gamestyle you want to utilize if you want to use Moskvas tankiness to help your team advantage however i recommend using this towards mid to late game as if you do it at the start most of the time you will get killed because even though moskva is tanky it is not a battleship and your tanking capacity is limited compared to Battleships,my opinion is that you should utilize your tankiness carefully and smart,it is a valuable resource you do not want to waste.

As i said before Moskva features a 50 mm icebreaker on the lower half of the nose designed to protect the citadel from being hit through the nose.Ironically Moskvas greatest weakness becoming it's greatest strength.This is your main tool to influence cap control but you must use it wisely,i will highlight how to position when you want to be agressive and when you want to be defensive.

This is a more complicated gamestyle and besides the pictures i will also highlight some conditions you must take into consideration when employing this tactic.

  1. NO CV:Perhas it is not a surprise. You never want to utilize static positioning when there is a CV around,especially a Japanese or a German one,you are a sitting duck and if you do not know, a CV can instantly create a crossfire on you,it essentially boils down to:angle against the CV and expose yourself to enemy BB AP,angle towards the enemy ships and let the CV farm damage.This is the most important condition,you can still try this tactic at your own risk but it is not recommended.
  2. Island Cover:As you can see in the picture above you want to find an island to sit near to and block your broadside,this is vital for 3 reasons:First of all it prevents you from getting crossfired and citadeled, Secondly it allows you to limit the opponents you want to engage, and lastly if you are under heavy fire you can reverse back in cover and heal(NOTE:that not all islands are fit for reversing behind,you want to find big circular islands)
  3. **Deterrence:**If you know that song from the ending of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker then you might have an idea what this is about.You want to have teammate support to act as a deterrence to an enemy push and thus preventing you from being overrun,if you see that your team is starting to collapse then you want to start disengaging from your static position and emply a dynamic one(kiting).The importance of deterrence is to not get overrun and killed.If you do not have support on your flank to begin with then you want to be ready to run right from the start and just delay the enemy.


Moskva is one of the tankiest cruisers in the game,and it is time you use it's durability to your team's advantage.When you get an opportunity(numerical superiority,mispositioned enemy ships etc.)you want to support your team's push,the main contributions of a Moskva is the 12km Anti DD shield(radar) and the 50mm icebreaker which will allow you to take some pressure off your battleships.

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Ideally when going in you want to keep your ship somewhat nose in(slightly angled 20 degrees),the idea behind this is you want to bait the enemy AP shells to hit your side armor and bounce,Moskva can still eat penetrations through the upper nose.

Another important role to remember when pushing is to never be the spearhead of the push,you want to sit a bit further back than your battleships and in case one of them takes a beating ,replace him.I would also like to highlight another important fact:Pushing is designed to obliterate an already weakened enemy flank,the objective is to kill the enemy ships before they escape,if they succeed in doing so and they will start kiting,you should disengage from the push because being kited puts you at a significant disadvantage,ideally you want to reposition somwhere in the middle and support your team at taking the middle cap or defending it.

TLDR:Kiting=Flexible,Nose In Defending=Utility(High Risk),Push with BBs to support them against DDs


I do no think there is too much to say on this category mostly because nearly all cruisers have very potent HE and HE is not positioning depedent unlike AP.But i will share you my knowledge about cruiser positioning

  • Flanks:This is the positiong i recommend for most cruiser players,because cruisers have easy to hit citadels that means crossfires are devastating for you,so you want to avoid going into the middle at the start of the game.For this particular ship i recommending also angling out towards towards the flank not towards the middle(essentially your nose pointing towards the map border closer to you,look the picture at the kiting subcategory).If your team succesfully wins the flank you are in,you want to reposition towards the middle and help your team secure the middle cap and gain the cap advantage.If you have a map with big circular islands then you can try to take a static position and try to contest it,ideally you want to be able to radar it so that you can help your DDs.Both Playstyles mentioned above work,it depends on how much team support you have,if you have friendly BBs and cruiser,take a static defending position,if not then prepare to kite and play safe
  • Middle:This is a very dangerous position for a cruiser mostly because of how easy it is for them to explode whenever they show broadside.This position is ideal if your team has secured one of the flanks and you want to help your team secure the cap or defend it if you already control it.

Both Playstyles mentioned above work for each positiong,it depends on how much team support you have,if you have friendly BBs and cruisers,take a static defending position,if not then prepare to kite and play safe.

My recommendation is to go to the Flank and be ready to Kite at the start of the game(Moskva gets an enourmous ammount of focus) then you can decide to push if you get the opportunity(Battleships playing agressively) or continue kiting if your team collapses.

Adaptability is key


That is all for this guide,if there is anything i forgot please mention it down below and i will add it to the guide,i am a bit tired by the time i started writing.

As i said before this is not a step by step guide this is just basic knowledge.You must learn to adapt to each situation accordingly.

I hope i made you like this ship more than before 😛 Good luck on the high seas captains!

Sorry in advance for grammatical mistakes.

P.S:I made a discord server,if anyone wants to ask me game related questions etc feel free to join,we can also div(NA and EU) Everyone,both new or veteran is welcome.


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